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General Help Short Tricks Tutorial

Discussion in 'Level Play Help' started by cimarronline, Mar 11, 2022.

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  1. cimarronline

    cimarronline Administrator Staff Member

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    Feb 19, 2019
    Here's a playable card and brief explanation of the more common trick moves you might see in Mekorama levels in the forum, with a video to show how to perform them. There are many other more advanced tricks, but most are combinations or variations of these.
    (Click card to play online)​

    Autopilot (0:10) A tap followed by a quick change of B's position or path. B will attempt to follow the original path to get to the tapped location. This allows B to walk over blocks that normally are not walkable.

    Claustrophobia (0:14) B seems to not like being in places where there is a block right above. If you tap in a place like that, B will continue walking (if possible) to a place where there is more space above. Also called Low Ceiling.

    Hercules Push (0:19) This is a variation of Autopilot. If there is a movable block in B's path during an autopilot, B can push it.

    Other variations of the Autopilot trick allow B to climb onto or over blocks (0:28), and jump down (0:38).

    Side Step Stair (0:48) B can step sideways off a stair. Tap behind B and then quickly on a block to the side. Often abbreviated SSS.

    Springboard Stair (0:54) B can jump off a stair. Tap behind B and then quickly on a block past the stair. Often abbreviated SBS.

    B can ride R/L bots, though a trick is often needed to get onto them. One common way to get B onto R is by using Autopilot (1:03).

    R/L bots can also ride B, usually using a stair down to get onto B (1:23). Be careful not to move B too quickly or they may fall off. Because of the Claustrophobia effect, if an R bot is on top of B, tapping on the block that B is standing on will cause B to move one block (1:27).

    Elevated Eye (1:44) If an eye is pushed up under another block, that block will become unwalkable (by any bot).

    Elevated Zapper (1:56) If a zapper is pushed up under an unwalkable block, that block will become walkable (by any bot).

    Squat Drop (2:06) If B is pushed down, it's possible to tap a lower block to step down.

    If an R or L bot is on a slider and the slider is touched or moved, the R/L bot will freeze until the slider is released (2:18).

    If blocks are moved outside the original 16x16x16 block playing area, bot behaviors change. R/L bots are able to walk on blocks that are normally unwalkable (2:19). And B seems not to see blocks out there, so a tap on the white space will cause B to try to walk through or over them (2:28).
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