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Various Requests

Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by HaseebDemon, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. HaseebDemon

    HaseebDemon Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    Feb 9, 2019
    Login/Logout System:
    You will understand this system later why im wanting this :D

    Level Leaderboard/Rating System:
    Where (when your on your account needs login system) you can play levels your time will be published on the level right side there will be a container containing these records (Fastest time will be on top) Creating some world records on some levels

    Ghost Pathways Systems:
    When you click someone records you can see thier pathway how they completed the level to learn some new things & new paths

    Challenge System:
    You can challenge someone on a level the fastest time wins (Who completes the level first)

    Easy Level GamePlay:
    Now we are scanning levels by downloading them and scanning them to play
    There should be a levels tab where all recent level uploaded are shown there just easy 1 one click scan & play (It needs databases connected or you can just upload levels ingames)

    Level Editor:
    Tapping and creating 1 1 block is harder

    Quick Editor Block: Just tap & hold and drag to place blocks

    Turn On/Off Blocks: There should be a menu where you can turn on and off every block there so you can bulid easily

    Turn On off - stairs
    Turn on off - sliders
    turn on off - rails
    turn on off - red blocks
    turn on off - metal blocks... etc

    For example:
    There are alot red blocks there and inside them there is a mechanism (So just turn off red blocks) it will show everything but will hide red blocks
    For easy bulid instead of XRAY (Low visibility of blocks)

    Undo and redo: It will helps sometimes but only if you deleted alot of things

    New Characters:
    Zapper for red bots (Green character maybe)
    Will edit this if there something other on my mind :D

    New Blocks:
    Ice blocks (We have desert & grass blocks)

    Controllable Water:
    For decorating & designing it will help us!
    (The water should be there when there is a hole! or there is place for water)

    New Poison Water ? (Im not sure this will be fun or not):
    Green water (That kills bots)

    New Sliders (Can move forward & sideward too)
    Sometimes we want a slider that moves both x y z too!
    If there is a rail turning

    Blue Buttons will Open Blue Gates
    Red Buttons will Open Red Gates
    Buttons should open gates and stuffs
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