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General Help R/L bot Behavior Tutorial

Discussion in 'Level Play Help' started by cimarronline, Jan 10, 2023.

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  1. cimarronline

    cimarronline Administrator Staff Member

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    Feb 19, 2019
    R and L bots act differently from B in a number of ways, so I thought I'd gather together some of the various tutorials to make it easier for new players to learn the unique R/L bot behaviors. Here's a playable card, with video demonstration, to show how R bots act (L bots behave the same way, except they turn left instead of right):
    (Click card to play online)​

    R bots can walk over stairs in ways that B cannot. And when walking down a stair, R bots can step onto almost any block (0:03), including an eye. R bots normally cannot step onto a stone pillar (0:14) or a sideways stair (0:16), unless stepping from a down stair (0:22). And R bots cannot walk down a turning stair (0:28). They can step sideways off a stair, while B cannot (0:29).

    R bots are not affected by zappers (except a zapper on B), so they can be useful near zappers (0:33).

    R bots can ride B (0:45), as long as B moves carefully. A down stair is often needed to step onto B's eye.

    If an R bot runs into an obstruction, but its lower body is not blocked, the bot will continue to push against the obstruction. The bot might get stuck because of this (0:55). But then if the path ahead of the R bot's lower body is blocked, or removed, then the bot will turn (1:11). If the obstruction is movable, then the R bot may be able to push it (1:28).

    When an R bot comes to an up stair, the bot will stretch upward, which enables it to bump a higher ball that B cannot reach (1:52).

    R bots will step up to a slightly higher level, but will not step down to a slightly lower level (2:07). This is the opposite of B's behavior.

    If an R bot is moved outside the original 16x16 game play area (horizontally or vertically), the bot is able to walk on any block (2:14).

    R bots can be made to perform a kind of autopilot trick, if B moves out of the way just before the R bot steps down onto B (2:31).

    If an R bot is on a draggable block, and the draggable is touched or moved, the bot will freeze (2:42). This can be used to pause the bot when needed.

    R bots center themselves over balls (or sliders). If the ball is placed slightly off-center, this can put the bot off-center, resulting in surprising walking behavior (3:14).

    And, because an up stair causes an R bot to stretch up, these bots can do some other pretty surprising moves too (3:25).
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2023
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