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My first go at creating a level...

ChrisMay1709, May 11, 2021
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      I can see why you called it "Wobble" since that arm is crazy. Took a few goes and some very careful movement to get through it. Just a hint for next time, since B will spend so much time falling off, it might be nice to provide some stairs to get back up if he falls, just so a player doesn't have to restart the whole level. Good job for a first go, and welcome to the forum.
    • ChrisMay1709
      @IceBlade Hi, Thanks for the nice feedback. I did consider putting a way of getting back up, once you have fallen in, but I didn't want to make it too easy to 'cheat'.
      (btw, did you manage to get the extra star too?).

      I've been playing this game for a while now, and I knew it had a level editor, but I'd never paid it much attention. Actually think that it is almost more fun playing wit the editor than it is to play the game!

      Is it possible to get a level created by someone else into the editor so that I can de-construct it and work out how some of the 'tricks of the trade' are pulled of in some of the more advanced ones?

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      Pratik Bhalerao
      Not bad.

      I never miss any Star in a game!

      I thought it would be difficult to rotate, but it wasn't. Just rotate slowly!
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      Denis Nazin
      Interestingly sold lever arm! At first I thought that you did not complete something (since this is your first level). But, at first I did not notice that
      Everything is decided by ONE BLOCK !!!)) On the hand))
      And you were rightly told about the return staircase !!! This is respect for the players.
      I liked the hand puzzle!:thumbsup:
    • cimarronline
      @ChrisMay1709 "Is it possible to get a level created by someone else into the editor so that I can de-construct it..."

      Not in the game editor, but you can with this website: https://mekostudio.com/3dbuilder/ (Unfortunately it hasn't been updated for L bots yet, but it works well for levels without them)
    • ChrisMay1709
      @Denis Nazin OK, I've added some stairs
      Can I update my existing level, or do I need to to upload it again. What's the best way?
    • Prynk
    • Denis Nazin
      @ChrisMay1709 Hello. If you want to change an already loaded level. You will (unfortunately) have to uninstall it and reboot! this is the only way. And in this case, you lose all your views, ratings and likes. And you type them again. If you want it - then delete this level and load again (updated). These are the rules on this forum!)
    • Denis Nazin
      There is 1 block on the rotating element - rounded! If B is standing on this block, then when turning slowly, he does not fall from it. Try it
      - This is the essence of the level!)
    • ChrisMay1709
      @Denis Nazin Hi Denis,
      So if I want to update my level, I need to remove it and then upload it again. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by reboot though? Just reload it back to the forum again? I don't really want to lose all my lovely comments. Can I upload a second copy of the level (WobbleV2) say) is that allowed in the forum rules?
      Thanks, Chris.
    • ChrisMay1709
      @Prynk Hi, Denis beat me to it with a hint on how to play the level. Let me know if you can finish it now?
    • Meko Guy
      @ChrisMay1709 - If you repost a level, then please delete the previous level as you've reposted it for a reason. Why not give players the best version of the level? When reposting the level, please advise to the forum why you are reposting. Someone found a shortcut, I improved a section, etc. You will lose all comments made here when the media is deleted.
    • Denis Nazin
      @ChrisMay1709 Very good! Here Meko Guy - This is a VERY experienced forum player !!! Ask him! He will tell you everything competently and correctly!
    • Prynk
      @Denis Nazin thank you but sorry @ChrisMay1709 due to wobble effect that stuck against wall really irritates me. I will try next level :)
    • IceBlade
      @ChrisMay1709 yes I got all the stars. As others have said if you change a level you need to delete this one and then post a new one. I don't recommend it for your first level. Just learn from the comments and work that into your next one. As for the builder website, it's excellent for learning how others did certain things because you can take apart some levels. I'd recommend you play quite a few levels here, but read the comments first. If people are saying something is too hard or too convoluted then pick another. @Meko Guy makes very clever levels that often involve using tricks. You'll learn heaps if you persist with them. @BlueDragon makes fun levels. @Pratik Bhalerao makes clever levels too. @Denis Nazin makes very detailed levels. @Helena makes lovely levels. These are just a few, and there's too many to mention. Spend some time exploring and grab the ones that catch your attention and be inspired. This forum is the most fun place to expand the game.
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    May 11, 2021
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