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Witch's Cave v1.2

Our duo find a treasure map in the Witch's House. The map leads them to a cave in the cliffs across the lake. The air is crackling with strange energies. R-Bot becomes terrified. A golem wakes at the cave mouth. Map text: When trees grow tall, blind faith ye need.

Witch's Cave v1.2
retrograde, Aug 22, 2016
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    • retrograde
      Our duo find a treasure map pinned to the back of a painting in the Witch's House. The map leads them to a cave in the cliffs across the lake. The air is crackling with strange energies. Whispers can be heard telling them to leave. R-Bot becomes terrified. A golem wakes at the cave mouth. Map text: When trees grow tall, blind faith ye need.


      v1.2 fixes
      • Re-worked the cave entering mechanic. It's much more reliable now, especially when done quickly.
      • Plugged potential boogie bot win bug.
      Thanks to @nGord for this comments which lead to these further improvements.

      v1.1 fixes:
      • Slightly more time added to the opening mechanic, but there is a twist now.
      • The lift jump has been replaced with a mechanism that can't be exploited.
      • No more zapping in the cave.
      • A secret!
      Thanks to @richardfu_ and @nGord for their bug busting and to @meko for his ideas for improving the level.

      This is a particularly hard level. The opening sequence is quite brutal until you get the hang of it. Here is the full solution. The steps are in order, so I would suggest only peeking ahead if you get stuck.

      As soon as the level starts, touch the draggable on the dead tree to lift it up. Then quickly touch the grassy spot right at the base of the dead tree next to the stairs. If R-Bot ends up bumping the B-Bot you need to start over as this will throw B-Bot off step and he'll get zapped. R-Bot needs to traverse the zapper path too. I learned this zapper trick from @Jomer's Electric Chair level.

      There is somewhat hidden draggable block next to one of the vertical stone cylinders. Slid it down. Note that both one of the zappers and one of the blocks drops. I'll call this the "zapper slider" from now on.

      You need to use B-Bot to block R-Bot so that he steps down on the zapper which you just dropped and heads towards the area where the zapper bot (the golem) is. Have B-Bot follow R-Bot and completely block him him so that he can't move.:)

      Use the zapper slider to bring the zapper back up. This will bring up the block next to R-Bot, when he step on it move B-Bot to where he was previously standing. R-Bot will then walk towards the zapper bot. You want to get R-Bot behind the zapper bot so that it turns towards B-Bot. When this happens quickly move B-Bot the cylinder by the wall edge and then into the safe corner.

      Trap the zapper bot by lowering the zapper slider when he moved on the brown metal block. It well then walk one spot to the right. Pull up the slider to trap it there.

      Use B-Bot to drive R-Bot into the corner next to the vertical slider. Then move B-Bot into the corner. This will leave R-Bot with no place to walk. Next tap on the stairs leading down into the cave, and then very quickly move the slider down in front of B-Bot. If it's done fast enough B-Bot will tumble into the cave.

      Now you need to get R-Bot down the stairs too. If B-Bot is not right next to the cave stairs move him there. Then when R-Bot walks on B-Bots head, move B-Bot deeper into the cave. R-Bot should fall into the cave too. I first saw this head walking trick in @richardfu_'s Sneak In III level, though it's used differently here (to get R-Bot down from a higher position rather than cross a gap).

      Move the zapper slide up then touch the grassy spot the left of the stairs in the big part of the cave. B-Bot should walk there allowing R-Bot to walk towards that area. R-Bot will get stuck (paralyzed with fear). Now touch the grassy block behind the stairs and to the left of R-Bot. Due to the low ceiling effect he'll move to the stairs. Then move B-Bot to be behind R-Bot. Now move the zapper slider down to unfreeze R-Bot (this uses @Ricko's Gate Operator trick. R-Bot should then move to the inner passage.

      R-Bot will get frozen with fear again. While he's frozen move B-Bot to be right behind him. To do this either click through R-Bot on the Win button side or reach way back from the big cavern side.

      Finally move the zapper slider up. This will unfreeze R-Bot and will walk to the Win block Done!

      Make sure both the zapper and jump sliders are in the up position then when B-Bot is in the cave click on the water. He can actually make it down there through a secret passage. He has to squeeze through a tight spot to do this, so it may take a few taps and a bit of time. It's a one-way trip though, he won't be able to make it back up. :)
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    • Rating:
      I don't see any flaws. Excellent!
    • Frenzies
      Aw. I was trying to use the Boogie Bot bug to win :(. I thought that getting Zapped in the cave was intentional; I even anticipated it before it happened.

      EDIT: The "lift" (is that what you call the movable block where you replaced the tip with a Half Metal Pillar?) can still be removed... this isn't intentional, right? And are there any hidden Draggables?
      It seems like there would be some because there are some Metal blocks in the cave. Or are they just for the atmosphere?
    • retrograde
      Sorry, that's the one bug I really dislike the most, probably in part because it can unintentionally break a level, but also because I don't know how to do it. ;) The zapper in the cave was initially intended, but I decided that it was just too brutal for a near end-game segment. It just leads to more player frustration at the end.
      you stand in the entrance to the secret passage in the way far back and then lower the zapper slider.

      Yes, the lift can be pulled out using the teleportation trick. I don't believe doing so can provide any advantage though.
      If I pinned this slider, the secret passage wouldn't work, so this was a design decision.
      There are no hidden draggables. There are only 3. All the metal blocks inside the cave serve a purpose of some sort.
    • Rating:
      Great improvement! Much more enjoyable. I'm sure many people will be both challenged and pleasantly rewarded. Well done!
    • cpw
      Not a fan of the boogie bot bug either. Not always replicable unless you retry for like a hundred times, which doesn't really contribute to any good level designs o_O
      nGord likes this.
    • Yogienugr
      I think you can tricky jump from top to the down without having to pass the zapper, overall its a nice level :)
    • retrograde
      @Yogienugr Even if you can get B-Bot down there, you still need R-Bot to cross the stair block to reach the Win button. So both Bots have to be brought down.

      If you were able to reach the Win block only B-Bot let me know (this was technically possible in the initial version of the the level, but this bug was plugged in v1.2).
    • Rating:
      B Hill
      This is great, lots of tricky moves. The only thing different I did was with the zapper bot.
      After getting R next to the zapper bot, I retreated B to the tree, then used R and the zapper lift to move the zapper bot back to circle around the movable zapper. Then I could get B past zapper bot.
    • nGord
      @Yogienugr Thanks for sharing your completion of the level. For your information though, you were playing from an earlier release that has since been updated twice. You might want to give version 1.2 a try. ;)
    • Rating:
      Reviewing unfinished levels I finally solved this one. Great tricky level. I needed a hint because I was obfuscated with the little door underground... o_O Thanks!
    • Rating:
      This is a brilliant level!! Logic,cooperation and tricks!!wow,I enjoyed a lot:D...THANKS!!!:thumbsup:
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