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Star Penguin

Wind Farm

We return to find B manager of a prosperous wind farm. But what's this? One of the windmills is broken! Help B make his way to the broken mill to manually jumpstart it. No tricks needed.

Wind Farm
Star Penguin, Dec 16, 2020
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    • Rating:
      So it seems B retired and moved on to a wind farm. :smirk:
    • Rating:
      This was so fun to play! Very refreshing level, nice mechanics :thumbsup:
      I liked how you used metal stairs ;)
    • Meko Guy
      If you are wondering if tricks are required, then check the Caption tab above. Some of the old members still have that function but the newbies wouldn't know this.
    • Rating:
      Meko Guy
      I decided to rate as my involvement in this level was so little and I wanted to give @Star Penguin credit for his clever game play and design.
    • Rating:
      When I have seen your name and avatar I have thought ... "ooopss, I accidentally hit a button and I am seeing old levels".... fortunately I was wrong:sneaky:...Excellent level with great design...I had a lot of FUN...Thanks for sharing @Star Penguin ;) Give me more my Meko-friend:rolleyes:...
      Ahhh,I have a question...
      An autopilot is needed? If not,I must rethink & replay:oops:
    • Star Penguin
      @delator77 No tricks are required for this level.
      In my book, autopilot is a trick, and therefore it is not used in this level.
      I also updated the level description to mention that tricks are not required.
    • delator77
      Aaarrrgghhh,I missed "caption" option...now I noticed that I did something wrong...lets play again!:D
    • delator77
      @Star Penguin Sorry... When I read it it was too late:oops:...DONE! What I did with the autopilot I have done with a simple push of B ... It was that simple!:);):thumbsup:
    • Rating:
      Ray Aznable
      snack logic level...
      duration of gameplay is too quick
      compared to the size of the map.

      hopefully u will have time
      to make new level again
      with longer duration
      like your old levels

      thanks 4 sharing...
    • Rating:
      Unique and fun! Requires the newer version of Mekorama to play, though. It seems the new version is bringing back the old masters to the forum, so I'm grateful for that. Nice to see some of your levels in the master makers section!
    • Rating:
      B managed to get the mill turning again, :thumbsup::thumbsup:, and he had lots of fun running around finding out what he could push over and getting it all in the correct order, :D:D.

      Great moves, great landscape. So much fun!!
    • Star Penguin
      Thanks for the ratings, I'm glad so many of you like the level! :) @cimarronline Yes, I do think this level requires the newer version to play, since the metal stairs were much more finicky in the original. I had so many ideas back then that never panned out due to the instability of the stairs, and now I can actually make some of them become reality.
      @Ray Aznable it's true that this level isn't as long as some of my old ones. Personally I felt like some of my old ones were a bit overly lengthy, although I know some enjoyed the extra challenge. This puzzle ended up physically large simply due to the sheer size of the mechanism, which simply wouldn't work in a smaller space. But I can make a more complex level soon. ;)
    • Rating:
      I love how you managed to make the draggables that block the two balls seemingly not floating by sneaking them underneath the towers. Usually makers use draggable and slider combo with no slider rail attached to the slider. It really seems floating even if two walls on opposite sides restrict the movement of the draggable.

      And the gameplay is superb! You can already tell the preferred ball order yet the "bumping budgeable stairs" and the "riding the ball" steps complicate the gameplay!

      The 2nd budgeable is quite stubborn to get bumped because the first budgeable is sort of blocking it yet with persistence you can still make B block the 2nd budgeable. I'm still happy with it!

      The water adds like a swamp feel to the farm!

      This is definitely shorter than "End of the Path" yet it's as cool as "End of the Path"!

      Thanks for sharing this awesome level, @Star Penguin !
    • P_simorf
      Btw some suggestion @Star Penguin , maybe curved metal blocks make bumping the budgeables with B's eye much faster and smoother. They are a little bit lighter that the square metal blocks. Rails are also nice to use as parts of the budgeables because they are the lightest. You can use rails to parts where B will not step on some blocks of the budgeable when it's dropped.

      However, the budgeable is can still be bumped with ease. I'm still good with it!
    • Ray Aznable
      oh yess,
      build a level is pretty fun,
      untill we dont realize it ended up big...
      although, some extra spaces here,
      could give more challenge to master tweaker
      @cimarronline . he might be love to add more
      moves there.

      thanks to you and him,
      im inspired then ended up tweaking your previous
      to be called "last" level. spent weeks for that
      due to excitement, learnt alot and get used to
      build a level from there,
      since i didnt have my own idea
      initially when first join this forum.

      the first time I acknowledge your level
      was from a level in @chemi 's album.
      im stuck for months to solve that one...

      talking about long duration,
      ur old levels were fairly average enough i think
      not too short not too long...

      check this one for longest duration
      in mekoramaforum history :rotf:
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  • Album:
    Logic Album III
    Uploaded By:
    Star Penguin
    Dec 16, 2020
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    Comment Count:
  • Tricks required:
    None. No special tapping or acrobatics required. Just push things and watch them fall and complete the path. ;)

    Also thanks for Meko Guy for helping me play through and test everything, and to cpw for helping to inspire the ending.