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Up and Down


Up and Down
huijiuggbf, Jan 22, 2020
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    • Ray Aznable
      +beauty design with hill scenery
      +cool gameplay concept
      +appreciate ur much effort spending time to making this

      -too big and massive causing lag while play, for low gadgets
      -took me long enough to finish, restart alot cuz R kinda unstable on the movabale metals.
      -had me tried to scan QR codes for 6 times. need precise screenshoot size to succes scanning this.

      anyway. thanks alot for sharing.
    • Rating:
      Ray Aznable
      appreciate ur idea and effort
    • Meko Guy
      I didn't spend more than 60 seconds on this level due to the constant rattling of something? The mechanism didn't move very smoothly either making for a difficult go.
    • huijiuggbf
      @Ray Aznable Good advice. Thank you for playing at my level!
      @Meko Guy I've modified it many times during the production, but it's difficult to make an oversized machine smooth. Thanks for playing!
      When you want to pull it back, it's much better to push it in the opposite direction and release it.
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    Jan 22, 2020
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