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Meko Guy

Unstable Moves

As the title says, some moves in this level are not 100% stable. You may need to try the move more than once or try starting and tapping in a different place for your device. A few tricks will be required

Unstable Moves
Meko Guy, Nov 18, 2023
delator77 and Ray Aznable like this.
    • Meko Guy
      This level was made with @Ray Aznable in mind. A portion of her words :
      - zapper walk/stand
      - auto pilot
      - stairs side side
      - cancel tap
      - low ceiling
      - squat drop
    • Rating:
      I missed one of the momentum moves but my gameplay was similar. Interesting to see that a ball can transfer zappability from a lowered zap draggable. Fun flying.
    • Rating:
      shaun Roberts
      Nice momentum moves @Meko Guy & the zapper jump is a fun move, & good momentum stairs. It worked just fine on my device, I had no problem pulling off the same moves. Fun level with plenty different tricks, @Meko Guy :):thumbsup:
    • Rating:
      Excellent tricky level but unfortunately...
      I missed the move at 2:02... I did that step with autopilot using the ball :sneaky:I thought that was intended cause it seemed :rolleyes:
      thanks for sharing & for the fun @Meko Guy ;)
    • Rating:
      cool moves...
    • Rating:
      Ray Aznable
      you know what,
      I just realize my name
      been mentioned in first comment.
      no wonder the movements
      are feels like not your usual style,
      tbh, I complained alot during playing
      this level. hahaha.

      all the messy moves,
      been saved by miraclous
      tilting unstable pillar head B
      at the end part. that move is cool.

      and I also realize,
      you continue using that in
      "Get Off ur Feet"
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    Meko Guy's Levels
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    Meko Guy
    Nov 18, 2023
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