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Two Towers

Another Remake :)

Two Towers
Frince, Dec 7, 2019
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    • Frince

      There is no need of any dangerous/risky/bot dropping moves :) The intended way is safe and sound :)
    • Rating:
      Meko Guy
      Nice remake but I'm pretty sure I didn't do it as intended as I didn't need either ball nor use the tunnels in the water. I did use one of those moves that you have used and I'm no good at but I got it this time. It took me a while to just get P down safely as P would be unstable and not walk over and over.

      EDIT - I just checked the tricks list and didn't use the last one?
      Frince likes this.
    • Frince
      @Meko Guy u already said that u didn't did it as intended so it's obvious that u miss something ;) tricks too :D
    • Meko Guy
      @Frince - I may have missed something but I won using this method which I assume is a shortcut since I didn't use the balls, the tunnels or low ceiling. If you are going to block this shortcut then I'll replay but as of now, I won this card. BTW, I had a little trouble on the P squish but when I played the level previously I got it on my first squish.
    • ridgerunner
      I did not find the original easy but as you stated below Tricks that there is no need of bot dropping moves or risky moves i have tried and discounted several wins. But i wonder......
      as an afterthought I suppose i should my ending too
    • Rating:
      Nice remake :)
    • Rating:
      Fun remake! Thanks for sharing @Frince :)
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