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Meko Guy

True Logic

A no trick level

True Logic
Meko Guy, Jan 13, 2024
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    • Meko Guy
    • Rating:
      My win was a bit messy at the end and took several attempts, but i see looking at the video the designed gameplay was more reliable.
      i had B on R on zapper stack doing circuits onto the zapper and round in front of the winblock
    • Rating:
      ABDSMD mshl
      Good logic level and very complex.
      I win but i know i don't have the right gameplay although i haven't watched the solution yet.
      -first i didn't use the long draggable and the rotating draggable.
      - and my order of bot was Z-R-B with Z on top.
      -i freeze Z using the draggable with metal pillar to have the right timing
      I will give the level another chance to find the designed gameplay.
    • Meko Guy
      @ridgerunner - @ABDSMD mshl - Yes the end stack had a few options - it all depended on your skill set and luck. My method had NO CHANCE of the 2nd bot getting off on the way to the win. Thanks both for P, C and R.
    • ridgerunner
      @meko Guy…having watched the whole video, I would never have got the designed gameplay as some rules from early mekorama are hard wired into my brain. Namely, never lift B with zap bot on top.
    • ABDSMD mshl
      @Meko Guy after watching the video , my start was different , i put B in the stair next to the zapper instead of using L , sometimes B get zapped, but if you do it right the move is a bit stable.
      Your gameplay is more safe in the end as you said.
    • Meko Guy
      @ridgerunner - I cringed when I did it and nothing happened so I decided to go with it.
    • Meko Guy
      @ABDSMD mshl - Fair enough but B on stairs next to zappers means dead B for the most part. I just tried and I can get B on the stairs without dying (if I go very slow) but then I wonder if all devices will be like this - if not, then not a very good level for them if that was the intended game play.
    • Rating:
      Really complex level & reading my Meko-friends comments I think my final stack was exactly like @ABDSMD mshl, I mean...
      B carrying R & Z...Z wins... neither I used the long draggable to push
      :sneaky:... thanks for sharing & for the fun @Meko Guy ;)
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    Meko Guy's Levels
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    Meko Guy
    Jan 13, 2024
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