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Triple Trouble

Trick and logic used in this one. Hope you find them.

Triple Trouble
HaseebDemon, Feb 11, 2019
delator77 likes this.
    • gmacpro
      What trick?
    • gmacpro
      I can't believe you used a SBS trick in this level? There was no need to include a trick. I didn't win as it was too frustrating trying to push the one P off the brick into the water but not too far as off the level. With the R wanting to stick to the slider, the bot would get pushed only one in ten pushes so you got harder and harder and needed to rely on luck that P was with in the playing surface still - I got it twice but then the other bots push was too hard and yet another restart. A back stop would have helped so I just gave up. I seen the game play but couldn't execute it in the time allotted.
    • Rating:
      Original logic level with a tricky ending...
      maybe the way to direct the 2 P is not very smooth but I liked the idea
      %hanks for sharing @HaseebDemon ;)
    • HaseebDemon
      @gmacpro @delator77 Thanks for your time and suggestion i just added the trick i'll upload a video. I believe you did it in a seperate way you tried to push the R with the sticking slider infront of them. so here's a video how i did it. In 3 min ☺ the video is unlisted only the people with link can see it so. if you face any problem with video then please tell (Ignore last seconds me struglling with springboard stair trick :p:D)
      gmacpro likes this.
    • gmacpro
      @HaseebDemon - Your way was much smoother with way less risk than mine method - thanks for sharing the video
    • HaseebDemon
      @gmacpro Thanks. I was reading your message it was not expected that someone will try to push P with sticking slider but thats also a way. I didnt knew what are you talking about like one in ten pushes after watching my level i got it so i uploaded it ☺ Hope i learn more about tricks to get better and upload enjoyable and tricky maps
    • HaseebDemon
      @gmacpro P sticking to slider is stopped and after pushing it hard it will go to other side? Do we have a name for this? I taught it maybe a trick like body push
    • gmacpro
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