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Denis Nazin


Travel level for BIG fun! On this journey you will ride on a ship, train, plane and hot air balloon. I wish you to enjoy it!

Denis Nazin, Feb 7, 2024
    • Denis Nazin
      This is my favorite level for BIG FUN! On this journey you will ride on a
      3)plane and
      4)hot air balloon.

      I wish you to enjoy it!

      The only thing you need to know is that the ship's sail is SLIPPERY!! :

      The rest of the gameplay : NO TRICKS!
      Time - 3:30.
      Level of relaxation and pleasure FOR EVERYONE!
    • Rating:
      I kept worrying about the train flying off the track! It was fun and looks great. Liked the finish although the passenger might not have.
    • Denis Nazin
      @ridgerunner Yes, that's right, unfortunately all builders in mekorama are limited to the 16:16:16 grid. Therefore, the length of the rails was only enough for the length of the train, and when the train moves, it of course goes beyond the grid and there are no longer rails there:rotf: Let's assume that this is a flying train:sneaky::D;)
      I'm very happy that you enjoyed it and liked the design!:D:D
      Thank you very VERY much my friend :thumbsup:
    • Rating:
      Very fun adventure... feels like in a Indiana (B)ones film :rotf::rotf::rotf: ... uuhhmm, adding some tricks would be more like Indiana, right?:sneaky: спасибо @Denis Nazin
    • Rating:
      Meko Guy
      Nice adventure - I enjoyed it - very imaginative - :thumbsup:
    • Denis Nazin
      Oh yeah, good comparison and you said it very creatively: "Indiana (B)ones":rotf::rotf: Cool:thumbsup:
      Regarding stunts - yes, perhaps it would be more like an extreme adventure. But, I try to make more levels (especially stylized ones) without tricks and more accessible for most players (I try to achieve a balance between accessibility for beginners and making it interesting for professionals). In addition to this, I really wanted this to be a relaxing trip for fun without stress:rolleyes::D.
      I absolutely won't mind if someone wants to make a remake with stunts for this level:sneaky:;)
      Thank you, thank you very much my friend - I'm very glad that you liked it!!!:thumbsup:;):D
    • Denis Nazin
      @Meko Guy Oh Thank you very VERY much Meko GURU - Meko Guy!:thumbsup:
      I'm really very happy that you enjoyed it. And by the way, I remember your advice (which you gave me a long time ago) - “try to avoid collecting many stars and concentrate the gameplay on one main goal.” That's what I tried to do at this level - only one goal and the entire path to achieve only one goal. Thanks for your advice.
      I'm very glad that you liked it!!
      Thank you SO MUCH :thumbsup:
    • Rating:
      Block builder
      Today, I'm a kid again. :D
    • Denis Nazin
      @Block builder This is wonderful. I'm very happy about this!:D
      I think the main element of this level that takes us back to childhood is the train and the railway. This is the most common and most desired children's gift, probably in most countries of the world (children's set (gift) train with a railway) Therefore, most people associate a train and a railway with childhood.
      Thank you SOOOOO MUCH ;):thumbsup:
    • Rating:
      Kanchan yadav
      Pani jahaj, train gubara hawai jahaj sabka yatra ek hi game me karne me maja aaya ek bahut hi sandar dikhne wala best level
    • Denis Nazin
      @Kanchan yadav Yes, I really wanted most of the sliders to be styled at this level. To move on a slider, it was a journey on some kind of vehicle. So that players enjoy driving and flying on different types of transport, so that it is a real and varied adventure. I'm very glad that I was able to make this level for fun, stress-free gameplay. Thank you SO MUCH my friend!!!:thumbsup:;)
    • Rating:
      I found this level created by you on YouTube! I looked at several other videos and they all look amazing!
    • Rating:
      Chris Hester
      Wow, what a cool design! I got so far then had to keep checking the video solution. I couldn't see how to get L to stay on the stairs. When he does, his legs go long!


      I figured out most of the rest. It was great fun to ride the train!

      Another classic from you!
    • Denis Nazin
      @Chris Hester Oh i'm very glad that you understood and passed this level! I'm happy that you liked it and had fun, because this is my favorite level I've build in a last time.

      Regarding L bot:
      Yes, this is a feature of the behavior of L(R) bots. If there is only one ladder, then LR rises and continues to spin and move. But if there are two ladders on top of each other, then LR rises very high and freezes, it will no longer be able to move unless one of the ladders is removed. This is an interesting behavior, you can try it in your levels.

      Thank you VERY MUCH :D;):thumbsup:
    • Denis Nazin
      @Gunnel It's very nice to meet you!:D I'm very happy that you liked it and I'm very glad that you also liked the other videos on YouTube. I'm glad that players on YouTube are also watching my levels. Thank you very BIG!:thumbsup:;)
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    Denis Nazin
    Feb 7, 2024
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