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Tiny Towers

A logic/puzzle level. P.S : Its winable but i got lucky too Play and rate

Tiny Towers
HaseebDemon, Feb 26, 2019
    • Rating:
      Short but fun. I found two separate ways to get B across to the win.
    • HaseebDemon
      @ridgerunner In which ways you finished them. can you explain?

      I would love to see different ways to complete my levels:thumbsup:

      Btw Thanks For Rating. Also Playing
    • Rating:
      I needed too much luck and patience to get B to the win. It would have been an excellent level if I would have been able to control the Zs.
    • Rating:
      Levels shouldn't require luck as per your description may indicate. The level was slow as P needed to go so far and then after 5 attempts to drop P, needed a get into a different pattern and dropped P finally. Getting on a moving P sideways can also be difficult but at least you provided 6 dismount spots as B needed to spin to get off. I just realized you said 'logic' but wasn't that a trick to make the Zs fall?
    • ridgerunner
      @HaseebDemon ..two finishes.
      Firstly , probably the designed one; push P into ditch and have B in the starting position of P and B steps onto P when P walks round then both walk to the win and B steps off onto winblock . Secondly, when push P into ditch , hold the draggable so P falls slowly, allowing the head of P to be tapped and B will autopilot over the fallen P and land on the grass alowing B to walk alone to win.
    • HaseebDemon
      @ridgerunner Thanks for the explanations. Im thinking which draggable your talking about? The left side one which slow down the motor?
    • HaseebDemon
      @gmacpro As far as im getting it that your telling about a trick to make Z's fall? I dont know the trick aur maybe i didnt used it. And im getting that your talking about to make P fall onto water with different pattern. Idk what are you talking about. But yes sometime P will go in different directions if your not aware of it.

      Im Excited to know about Zs fall trick.
    • HaseebDemon
      @GFJ Yeah i tried to create some objects to control Z but i was failing or the created objects are becoming blockage of the B path So. I removed them didnt try to make new. Because you can still win. Just need to be aware of them.
    • HaseebDemon
      Come to the start point upper dragable of motor then autopilot and let B fall onto motor still on motor then Use Z's and P direct them towards starting position of B after them Again autopilot come to the starting position while 2 Z's are infront of P and your are behind of P Let P fall onto the windmill then to the water theb directly run coz the Z's are free now can zap you then come to the starting path of p step onto P then to the win as P turns (Note: The other 2 Z's are on starting point Of B ) they are on the level. @gmacpro as your a pro. So im waiting for the trick as you said earlier ☺:thumbsup:

      Also i think that @ridgerunner you made Z's fall of to the level because if you hold the draggable P might fall slowly but Z's can come to zap you because P was a blockage for them while your holding the draggable you cant move and theres no blockage for Z
    • gmacpro
      @HaseebDemon - Here's the Z fall trick.
      I assume you did it differently, if so please advise how you did it.

      As for my P comment, I meant, the timing was off and P was never going to step on the spinning machine so I needed to let P out and retry with different timing.
    • gmacpro
      @HaseebDemon - I read your way and I don't see these 2 auto pilots that you are talking about - can you reexplain or do a movie?
    • HaseebDemon
      @gmacpro Nice and thanks for the video. Yes i provided my way check it out.

      P can step onto spinning machine Theres a small area where B is standing after the level start if you block the back way P will either step into spinning machine or either to the small area from where P is on the way on spinning machine
    • HaseebDemon
      @gmacpro I'll do it in my way i'll upload a video wait for it. Coz i didnt use the fall trick so
    • gmacpro
      @HaseebDemon - Assuming one requires 2 auto pilots then maybe you should change your description from 'logic' as auto pilot isn't logic.
    • HaseebDemon
      @gmacpro The auto pilot is used just to remove B from the path of Z's and P

      Same trick which you used to make Z's fall i used it with B like doing autopilot and holding the slider because didnt wanted B to fall on spinning machine but on the motor so B slowly Comes down to the first floor ground floor of other tower (Just to remove the B from the path as i dont know about the fall Zs trick)

      Then just direct them to the B starting point Now B is safe. Now your behind other bots but now theres a slider on ground floor where bots are in starting of level bots

      The slider is touching the ground you have to autopilot to get your B top on then go and block way of P from back and Z's are blocking from front P will step onto machine fall of to water. Now run else Z will come back to zap you and step to the P and win

      Sorry internet is way too slow taking to much time to upload i'll upload it after some time then
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