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Tiny Jump Demo

This is a demo of a mini implementation of the jumping trick @richardfu_ discovered and used in his wicked cool Castle Jump level. This version has a very small physical footprint (2x3x1) and uses only a single slider. The wedge blocks are there just to show the mechanism more clearly.

Tiny Jump Demo
retrograde, Aug 23, 2016
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    • Frenzies
      I made one that automatically retracts. I'll try to show it through symbols:
      M S
      A S D
      A R
      M = Metal
      S = Slider
      R = Rail
      D = Draggable
      A = Air

      You can do it without the rail if you do it this way (B stands for a Stone block):
      M B
      M A B
      M S
      A S D B

      You can make the M's as high as you want. The bottom B has to be at the bottom of your level, but it can be placed anywhere in the bottom.
    • retrograde
      @Frenzies I built your mechanism. It works, but if it's surrounded by blocks it gets gummed up and difficult to slide which makes accurate jumping nearly impossible.

      Update: I see that you edited your post and added a rail and lifted the mechanism up one block. This definitely makes it less gummy, but I still find it difficult to work smoothly when there are blocks surrounding the mechanism.
    • cpw
      It also works if you attach the motor onto the top of the draggable. The motor vibrates slightly when you move the draggable, which actually prevents the bot from sticking to the surface it's standing on :D
    • richardfu_
      My Castle Jump actually used the same jumping mechanism as in my previous level Bonucing II (and similar to Frenzies'), and it's true that it occasionally stick to the walls. I see your implementation does allow more accurate control of jumping. Nice work!
    • TR O
      This one is more stable and definitely fit tiny spaces:)
      vince likes this.
    • Frenzies
      @retrograde In the second way I posted, you can cover the mechanism leaving a block of empty space. Make a small tower of the Metal Blocks, then you can put the stage around that. It will turn out pretty big, though, but it won't be glitchy and it will automatically retract.
    • trids
      Here's another one I've been playing with. Hope I'm not reinventing the wheel..

      The arm (with the metal half pillar) is just a little bit floppy, which gives it a springy effect - like a springboard. The other arm is the handle, grab here.
    • Rating:
      Love this one!
    • B Hill
      @trids Ooh thats a nice compact one. I did something similar in High Dive but I put the motor backwards from yours, and added leverage for some real springy action.
      trids likes this.
    • retrograde
      I've found that the slider in the jump structure can sometimes get stuck and won't move. This typically happens when the motor is hemmed in by other blocks and new block is added to the surrounding structure. To fix it, simply remove the motor and replace it with a new one. I'm not sure why this works though.

      It appears that Mekorama keeps track of all the blocks connected to the sides of a motor as a level is built, and that this can effect how a level is saved. Replacing the motor resets the "glue" logic.
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