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Think out of the box

Remember to think out of the box

Think out of the box
Divya, Jan 11, 2021
    • I_am_Bot
      Too easy. Nothing logic/puzzle about this level.
    • Divya
      Ik I was and am having a really bad day when I made it
    • I_am_Bot
      Next time avoid the free dragabbles (FD), they easily lead to shortcuts. Also simply adding some stairs could have made a proper gameplay. Will be expecting some interesting levels in the future. Looking forward to it.
    • Rating:
      Meko Guy
      Way too easy and no game play. I won in 10 seconds and it took you longer to build.

      This card wouldn't read on my device so I needed to enlarge the QR code in order to play it. The problem is you are using screenshots instead of the Export button built into Mekorama. The export button can be seen in your card above, the one in the bottom right corner with the three circles. Select it and exporting your card will produce a higher quality card that players can play without needing to enlarge. Do that please.
    • Jom
      @Divya Sorry to hear you're having a rotten day, :cry:. Maybe you can talk to someone and find a way to feel more positive. Things will get better, ;):thumbsup:!

      Your level looks good, but it is easy to pull the free draggable out round the edge to get to the win. Perhaps you could build everything on a raised platform, or put a barrier to make players find their way through the maze.
    • Divya
      Dude what u told was the whole point of the level lol
    • Divya
      Anyway I got bad marks in maths and English followed by just 44 marks out of 50 in sst which is really bad.
    • Divya
      It was not an easy exam and we are having competition on high grounds
    • Divya
      That's why my day has been not quite good.
    • I_am_Bot
      In that case, you should have waited for a day before posting, come back to the level after few days, and then you will yourself realise the mistakes you made.,
    • Divya
      I didn't see that there's a way open in the maze. The actual way was actually what you say as a 'loophole'
    • Pratik Bhalerao
      I export/share a card and upload/save onto Google Photos. It gives good quality of QR code.

      I cropped your level 2 times, still not scanned.

      My advice, If you face this problem in future.
      I loaded your screenshot image on
      mekostudio.com/customizer and then generated HQ QR code. Explore this site, its amazing.

      By the way, I conquered it. And I tried again from INSIDE the box, B died. But still able won with FD.
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    Kid Stuff
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    Jan 11, 2021
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