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Pratik Bhalerao

The Pilot

This has more of Adventure than Logic with tricks! Before playing, I suggest to understand the purpose of Sliders.

The Pilot
Pratik Bhalerao, Jul 21, 2021
    • Pratik Bhalerao
      Auto Slider may stuck, try to hit them with B's momentum.

      • Mid Air Tap
      • Autopilot
      • Clastrophobia
      • Glue B
      This is correspondence trick with an Autopilot.
      Where Slider is used to make B' legs sticky / glue type, to control his momentum.

    • MekaSage
      I wish Mekorama had a feature to set restore points. I got past the first section after several restarts but then made mistakes in the 2nd section. By then I didn't feel like playing the first section again multiple times to get back to where I was. If Mekorama had restores I could have saved my progress after the first section.

      Anyway, it's a cool looking level and I really enjoyed...
      ...the MAT move to free L.
    • Rating:
      Fun selection of moves. Although I didn’t push the high ball in the first section. My autopilot in section three was different.
      after getting the star repeated the first fall move without the MAT and got B to land on the step(on its side)
    • Pratik Bhalerao

      Glad to see that you given a try to my level, thanks!


      Sorry, but I am not getting that how did you pass first section without high ball.
    • Rating:
      Denis Nazin
      very cool and very difficult (for me) level. But I still defeated him.
      This is a really big problem for mekorama - you can't save and move on! You need to go through everything from the very beginning. You have 4 puzzles. They are all very cool! But difficult and when you are wrong, you have to start over. It takes patience.
      I am very grateful to you for making the video walkthrough! I guessed everything myself, but there was one moment that I had to look at the hint. These are the stairs under the blocks. I am not yet a very experienced player in such playthroughs. I've never met such a person before. I didn't know that R was trying to climb the stairs under the block. This is new information for me. That's why your video helped. I went through the rest myself.
      Very cool and very difficult. Of course 5.

      And about autopilots. My autopilots also differ in several places. But in my opinion this is normal. Where autopilots begin, variations appear.
      Thanks for the level! :thumbsup:
    • Pratik Bhalerao
      @Denis Nazin

      Glad you tried my trick involved level.

      Yeah shotout to @Meko Guy, he provided me the big list of Bots tricks and techniques/behaviour.
    • Rating:
    • Rating:
      R 'oland
    • Pratik Bhalerao
      @R 'oland

      Cool! Your short-way was different than @ridgerunner version

      Previously I had 2 High Balls (one upon one), where there was no way to skip that section, but I changed that due of instability.

      Anyways, glad to hear you enjoyed, Thanks!
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    Pratik Bhalerao
    Jul 21, 2021
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