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Smart robber

Help this genius steal jewelry from the boss's house and get out of it alive.

Smart robber
Amnibus, Nov 23, 2020
Ray Aznable and delator77 like this.
    • Rating:
      Not difficult but I liked the design...Thanks for sharing @Amnibus :thumbsup:
    • Rating:
      Not sure if its a sticky mechanism or i am missing some logic to the lever and ball but it is very annoying .Sometime nothing happens, sometimes both balls disappear and occasionally B is allowed to pass.
    • Meko Guy
      @Amnibus - Are tricks required? I won with one auto pilot trick but I don't want to rate if tricks are not required. If tricks are required and you didn't list then, I also won with ToA from B's starting onto the white space and straight to the win with a slider push B up.

      I agree with @ridgerunner - your ball thing was annoying and unreliable. Sometimes the top ball rolled away, down the stairs, sometimes they disappeared and B couldn't pass and sometimes they didn't do anything. Too bad that part was hidden :(.
    • D.S.Masters
      I'm in agreement with everyone else - that first ball is very annoying. It just sits there and moves around a bit, and never goes anywhere, no matter what sliders you play with or in what order.
    • D.S.Masters
      @Meko Guy When I finally got tired of that ball, I did a BB at the top of the stairs and fell off to the white... same thing, head around and squeeze B up to the win. (That's why I always put rails along the upper paths of my levels - sometimes B can get a little excited when rounding corners and will fall off, plus to block BB and ToA)
    • Amnibus
      I just wanted to make an interesting system and changed it at the last moment. Apparently unsuccessful. You do not need to use tricks, passing by the standard. This is a failing level :cry::unsure:
    • Meko Guy
      @Amnibus - 'no tricks' - How does B get the win or is B dead again? I auto piloted onto the rail and won with B alive.
    • Ray Aznable
      same reason with @delator77

      but there are some minus points.
      1. there is a huge shortcut
      2. so hidden.
    • Meko Guy
      @Amnibus - Bump - Can you answer my question?
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    Nov 23, 2020
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