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Chris Hester

Six Stars

I got six stars without using the win block in the editor!

Six Stars
Chris Hester, Feb 2, 2024
Denis Nazin likes this.
    • Chris Hester
      I started making this demo and thought a star had disappeared so I added another one, only to find the missing star returned, meaning I now had six stars without adding the win block!

      I took two screenshots to prove it - this is the basic editor in the app. Note how the star icon is missing from the toolbox! (It comes back if I delete a star.)

      Not sure what happened here but I've left the game as it is to showcase this bug as it's definitely winnable.

    • ridgerunner
      I don’t understand your comments. It is however quite easy to capture all the stars in one start.
    • Chris Hester
      @ridgerunner in the Mekorama app you can only add five stars (without using the win block). Somehow it let me add six.
    • Denis Nazin
      @Chris Hester My friend, I understand your delight very well! I remember the first time I managed to make 6 stars - I was very surprised and delighted. Therefore, I congratulate you on discovering this interesting effect;):thumbsup:.
      To help you understand this better, I want to share a link with you:
      Using this link you can learn a lot of interesting things and better understand how you can make many stars on a card and additional magical effects that are associated with this.;)
    • Chris Hester
      I managed to get 2 *more* stars. (I will include the card here for comparison as it's too similar to warrant a whole new level.) There's a bug where deleting blocks hides some of the stars, so you can add more! The game only allows 6 stars on screen (plus the win block) so it shows the last 2 as shadows only.

      The version below will show all 8 stars on the card but you only need 6 to win. The rest appear as shadows. When you start some of the stars are taken automatically! Even though B is not near them. Note also how B hovers dancing on the grass block and ground due to the shadows.

    • Chris Hester
      @Denis Nazin my friend I am GLAD you liked my discovery! I have since added 2 more stars! Though they are shown as shadows. (See post above.)

      Thanks for the link - I will look at it later! :thumbsup:
    • Rating:
      Used several attempts to capture all the stars. Maybe I did it the hard way :rolleyes:
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  • Category:
    Playable Bug/Exploit Levels
    Uploaded By:
    Chris Hester
    Feb 2, 2024
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