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Meko Guy

Sandy Fun

A no trick level

Sandy Fun
Meko Guy, Feb 15, 2024
Ray Aznable and ABDSMD mshl like this.
    • Meko Guy
      - The level has some red herrings
      - Some balls can go in either direction
    • Rating:
      Got stuck for quite a while with this. I spotted the move at 2:50 early on but couldn’t get it into win. Then realising a draggable may have a purpose finally made me see the move at 25 seconds.
    • Rating:
      ABDSMD mshl
      Levels with bidirectional balls are always fun and challenging.
      i found the right gameplay but i struggle to push the ball at 2:45.
      First i try to use L but he passes without touch the ball.
      So i use B to push it ( the ball mostly fall in the right direction ) but you had to be fast to block it which i failed to a few times.
      But after watching the VS, i see the use of stair to push the ball with L ( i thought they are just for decoration)
      Thanks for sharing ! ;)
    • Meko Guy
      @ABDSMD mshl - Thanks for playing, commenting and rating. I'm glad the level gave you a challenge. No hidden, no tricks and still a thinker :thumbsup:.
    • ridgerunner
      @ABDSMD mshl.. i also used the direct approach by L which always got the ball moving on my ipad.
    • ABDSMD mshl
      @ridgerunner This might work, but it will take a lot of attempts of L going back and forth, or maybe it's a device thing.
    • Rating:
      Superb clean logic level... took me a whiiiiiileeeeeee to see the whole gameplay... but it was worth it, without a doubt :sneaky:... thanks for sharing & for a real Meko-challenge @Meko Guy ;)
    • Rating:
      Ray Aznable
      there are many
      deceiving ball paths,
      which are convincing.

      bcz that one hole in water,
      it doesnt has wedge,
      causing brain intutively think,
      "ball shouldnt go in there,
      plus, its too deep, need two balls"

      turn out, we need that hole.
      Meko Guy likes this.
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    Meko Guy's Levels
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    Meko Guy
    Feb 15, 2024
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