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Rock Slide

A rotating cylinder puzzle

Rock Slide
QuantumForce, Jan 17, 2017
delator77 and chemi like this.
    • QuantumForce
      This is a follow-up to Cylinder Lock 1. Hopefully it's a bit more challenging!

      No special tricks are needed or allowed (e.g. rotating while walking).
    • Rating:
      Totally crazy looking level! That's why I wanted to try it. I reached the red point but I'm sure it was not the right way! Thanks for your creation!
    • QuantumForce
      @Gunnel Can I ask how you did it? I tried hard to make sure there was only one solution without using tricks.
    • Don G Rowe
      I'm not going to rate this yet because I think you need to find some way to stabilize it. The rotating wheels interlock way too much, and the way the game physics distributes the "weight" of the blocks makes positioning them nearly impossible.
      Love the concept and the look, don't me get me wrong, I just think you may have to use fewer wheels and space them apart with static assemblies to improve the game play mechanics.
    • Chuckthulhu
      I absolutely loved the idea and the design of the level! But I also won by cheating, as far as I can tell...
      I was able to make a path to the end in the second half so I stuck to that, but I couldn't quite make it in the first half so I used some autopilot tricks and was able to reach the path on the second half.
      I think this is an excellent puzzle, I'll probably revisit it to see if I can solve it correctly and rate it appropriately.
      Oh, @Don G Rowe this is what I did:
      I had the same issue as you, but as the puzzle, as far as I can tell, is about creating paths, the best way is to move B to a "safe" spot while you move the pieces to the position you want them. I found that although some interlock, it also depends on the order you move them, as some move more independently.
      Give it another shot.
    • Don G Rowe
      @Chuckthulhu Oh I finished it
      by making the path before I ever moved B. It just came pretty close to #rage because of the mech.
    • Rating:
      I need several attempts to complete this one. Even though there are a few levels with similar concept, this is still satisfyingly fun to play!
    • QuantumForce
      @Don G Rowe Thanks for the suggestions about the mechanism. I tried a lot of things to make this as stable as possible, but I don't really understand how the balance is calculated well enough to balance it properly. I was hoping that the interconnections between wheels would make it a harder puzzle (since you need to plan ahead more), but it sounds like it was just frustrating.

      I have some more ideas along these lines. Hopefully they're difficult because of the puzzle rather than because of the mechanics.
    • Rating:
      Finally solved although not sure it was the designed solution. I didn't found a combination on first half to match the combination on the second half, so when in second half I played with B in first wheel to set B in the right position.
      Very nice concept, thanks!

      Question: anybody found a matching path in both sides?
    • Rating:
      Block builder
      @chemi tipped this level to me, and I found, after some attempts, a proper non-tricky path. This puzzle is just great, and all wheels towards the middle rotating with the one you move, makes the puzzle more fun to me. It forces that B cannot be on the more inner wheels, so it's a true puzzle element. It's not interlocking right?It seems to me that each wheel is just mounted on the adjacent outer wheel. The only issue I had, is that I wasn't confinced there would be a proper path, but I dropped that feeling now, so what remains is seeing this as a great puzzle.
    • Rating:
      Buffff!! Difficult to do in the intended solution but great!! At first I did it with a shortcut but then:sneaky:!!!
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