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Happy 1st anniversary to me here in the forum! Happy 60th level posted. Happy first level that I made using my new Nokia phone (obviously). This is an ability level that might have phone compatibility issue. Feel free to play! :)

AelJerzhee, Jan 12, 2018
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    • AelJerzhee
      ***Warning: This might have a phone compatibility issue so you may experience instabilities but if you are persistent and loves ability level, feel free to try and follow the tips below. Thanks! :)
      ***Tips: 1. Hold the draggable to make a vibrating motion to push B.
      2. B is a a pusher, a director, and a filler.
      3. Push pillar gently with zapper on top while zapper is turning to face the top ball direction.
      4. Remember 2 balls should be use for smoother gameplay.
      5. If you still can't follow, please try to check the video below:

      Thanks for playing! Enjoy! :)
    • Rating:
      | Thanks for a very tricky and challenging level. It's interesting that you named it after a famous device. By the way, there are areas in your level where the players need to be careful and time their moves. The last move was a bit odd but doable.
    • AelJerzhee
      @laurence.gr Yup, to honor my new phone. :D
      And you know I am always on the "odder" side. I think that would mark my level style. And players might find it hard :confused: or unstable :unsure: when they do my levels since I could not perfectly explain technicalities. :p
      Thanks for your wonderful comment! :):thumbsup:
    • Rating:
      Level worked well on my ipad. Good bit of thought required about the gameplay, even what direction the balls go, and i changed my finishing “bridge” three times before i got it right. I used Pillarbot for the first ball.
    • Rating:
      Very fun and as you said not easy ability level but if you persist....you got it:D!! Above everything I love the originality of the steps...B's final movement is really cool:cool: Thanks for sharing and great job @AelJerzhee :thumbsup:!! BTW,congratulations for you anniversary and I hope follow enjoying with your levels in the future!!
    • AelJerzhee
      @ridgerunner Wow! :eek:
      You really live up by your profile name. :sneaky::cool:
      Your one of the good ability players out there and glad that you didn't give up on this one. :)
      Thanks for finishing it and rating! :thumbsup:
    • AelJerzhee
      @delator77 Thanks a lot! :)
      You are a really big help. Always. But I think your idea of autopiloting the last step is the coolest! :cool:
      I just got a bad news today. Since I got a new phone and gave my old phone to my nephew, the Very Easy Lvl 19 that I made there was deleted by him. :cry::cry::cry:
      I could not retrieve it anymore and I don't know if I could make it again. :(
      I think it's one of the best level that I made.
    • Rating:
      Joshua Hicks
      I finally got it! Very good logic and ability with a matter of timing level. Thanks @delator77 for the video.
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