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Navillera V2

Back at the starting point. Let's speed things up a little. Let me get myself together. And I'll come forward.

Navillera V2
Labyrenight, Jun 11, 2021
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    • Labyrenight
      - Put all the balls in one hole
      - To get B onto R, use autopilot
      - Elevated stair
    • Labyrenight
      How to get all stars:
    • cimarronline
      I figured out how to get all the balls in, but had no idea about that "elevated stair" move. I like how you use it, but it's too hidden, I think. If you let the player see and elevate the stair, for example, then we could know what is happening there.
    • Labyrenight
      @cimarronline if you look at it from the right side, it's quite obvious which block is the elevated stair.

      Edit: I know if I add a "sign" to go up, it will be easier. previously I put "dirt block" as a sign next to the slider. but in the end I chose to delete it, because it is quite visible when viewed from the side.
    • Rating:
      Challenging level. My gameplay was different apart from the stack move.
      leave the the first ball that B can push alone. Get R up a level and nudge the ball beside start position. Lower and raise draggable to flip it across to the gap beside B . B steps on ball and gets the star. Spin the ball with B on it and B gets left lower level. Take B to R side and stack after R has got the star.. With the draggable that moves balls sideways pushed in, flick a ball across. Bring Bon R across. Push the retained ball at the correct time so it rises and R steps on it allowing B to get last star.
    • Labyrenight
    • Rating:
      Nice level. I like the use of balls to lift the draggable. Level is quite easy after figured out the elevated stair location. Thanks for sharing @Labyrenight
    • Labyrenight
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    Jun 11, 2021
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