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Meko Guy

Multi Use Balls

Another team effort by gmacpro (GM) and Meko Guy (MG). Make your way thru the 4 zones keeping in mind the balls have multi uses. A few common and simple tricks are used.

Multi Use Balls
Meko Guy, Nov 7, 2019
    • Meko Guy
      @shaun Roberts - It made the Mekorama Facebook page but thanks to all the improvements - rendered unwinnable.

      There was a level way back in Version 1.1 that had the feel like this:
      The card was very challenging as B started off just one block away from the win but back then B couldn't walk onto a slider where the slider started. So in other words, out of the two positions the slider could be, B couldn't step onto it in the position above. So looking at this example, B needed to go all the way around thru many obstacles and traps and I believe there were a few tricks too. Anyone who played the level rated high but now, B wins with one tap.
    • shaun Roberts
      Will it not allow you to change that particular move on those levels so that they still can be winnable. :thumbsup:
    • Meko Guy
      @shaun Roberts - Surely - I could find a fix but players need to rate the posted level not another level posted in a comment. For example, I fix the card and post the fixed card in the first comment. You read all the comments and see that the posted card is winnable so download the fixed (buried) one. You play - love it and rate full stars. Someone sees that you just played the level (current date) and since you rated - you must have won so they download the card. Like you, they get stuck and get annoyed that they can't find a win.... They didn't read all the comments as most players don't and therefore played the POSTED card that is no longer winnable. Only posted cards should be rated.
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    Nov 7, 2019
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