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Meko Guy

Miss Direct Shen

B's girl friend Miss Shen, first name Direct is visiting and will help B in the level. A few tricks will be required. The stars may help with the game play

Miss Direct Shen
Meko Guy, Sep 26, 2023
    • Meko Guy
      - low ceiling
      - auto pilot
      - squat drop
      - cancel tap
    • Ray Aznable
      sorry for minus 1.
      that one zapper at center,
      really caused me aggravated.

      multiple times wrong tap block,
      due to difficult angle,
      when attempting to direct nohead-L.
      zapped again n again like fools.

      although, the routes,
      the desired gameplay,
      is fairly easy to be understood,
      but that one zapper in middle,
      it just, annoying.
    • Meko Guy
    • Rating:
      Superb level. I started with the same ball move as in the video but changed my mind and went for a more obvious ball push gameplay but came upon the problem of getting L isolated after capturing the high star(my first). Realised i need to revert to the original start but i was able to rescue my gameplay by encouraging L away from the draggable and then use many of the same moves as video. I then restarted and was able to find the designed gameplay. Liked the moves to capture the middle height star.
    • Rating:
      Ray Aznable
      ok fair enough,
      when I gave u rate before,
      it was 3/4 way to finish, undone.
      then im stuck around perpendicular stair
      at center.
      "that part must be the last one
      should be visited by nohead,
      cuz after that, it will be stuck."
      turned out, my ball order was wrong.

      that one ball near start point,
      is tempting to be pushed as first,
      while B riding nohead, but its not the way.

      my head spinning play this.
      difficulty giga ultra difficult,
      but reliefing once able to solve it.

      suggestion for other player,
      if u wanna be successful in life,
      get used to play meko guy's level.
    • Ray Aznable
      im getting better and faster
      solving ur level.
      doesnt need days anymore.

      but the emotions swing did happen big time.
    • Meko Guy
      @Ray Aznable - Thanks for the new rating. Generally in my levels a zapper is to say, 'B stay away'. IOW, B doesn't normally need to avoid zappers but just don't go there. In your case,
      that new fuzzy tap drives me nuts too. It's hard to build a stable and fun level when B doesn't go where you tap. A good example is when B is on a ball on a wedge. B can generally go up or down but if you tap too close to the wrong one, then you are not dead (like with this zapper) but it is the same thing if you need to restart.
    • Ray Aznable
      source or problem was this set of stair.
      that set up always cause B fail to climb,
      even worse, zapper is nearby.
    • Meko Guy
      @Ray Aznable - I knew where you were referring to. If you watch the video, I was very careful with my taps as you know that B can do some weird moves when the stairs are like that. I even added a slider to hold L back giving B time to make those stairs.
    • ridgerunner
      @Meko Guy ..to put things in perspective i never got zapped there. I didn’t use the clever hold in the video, instead tapping block when L occupied the block in front, but always made sure B had stopped and settled before tapping the step. It was a very apt title for a great ball misdirection level.
    • Ray Aznable
      @Meko Guy
      i didnt watch video, but i tried to cancel tap,
      waiting B to be firm on first stair before
      perform low ceiling on next stair,
      yet, still, sometime it slip to sand near zapper.

      also, as @ridgerunner said, didnt use L for ball,
      so did I, didnt set L to guide ball for strong roll.
      what I assumed was, based on title, missdirection,
      the existence of stair below half-stone pillar,
      is meant for illusion, so ball must be pushed
      by B raiding on L, from the side of stair.
    • Ray Aznable
      oh i forgot tell u one more problem.
      budgeable zapper on top, 70% chance,
      isnt triggered to fall by L.
      tried any kind of ways like push L body with B,
      make L abit offside using slider,
      yet, that zapper doesnt want to fall.
      bcz, even if I made L abit offside,
      but its offside to the line where slider located,
      but zapper is located perpendicullary.

      u should consider to add a way,
      just in case if budgeable zapper
      might not want to fall, in next level.
    • Meko Guy
      @Ray Aznable - On my devices, the zapper may not have fallen on the first pass but always fell on the next approach so I didn't see it as a problem. You know I would have done it differently if I had incurred the problem. Thanks for mentioning it none the less as I will be aware of this issue.
    • Pratik Bhalerao
      @Meko Guy
      Kind of stuck here...any hint?

    • Ray Aznable
      @Pratik Bhalerao
      the hint is,
      that stair is for last.
      B should push ball to fill hole,
      so L will not turn left to that stair earlier.

      L will go that stair by bringing B on top of it,
      to get final star at highest place.
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