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Meko Guy


Some tricks used

Meko Guy, Mar 25, 2020
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    • Meko Guy
      This is a repost as @ridgerunner found the opening tedious so I've cleaned it up and made the level smoother.

      - hercules push (use auto pilot to redirect B to push a mechanism)
      - cancel tap (tap some place on the level where B can't go to stop the move)
      - auto pilot (tap and move slider to redirect B)
      - springboard stairs (with B on the stairs, tap behind B and then in front of B)
      - low ceiling can also be used but it's not critical (B acts strangely with a low ceiling and may travel over stairs that B can't normally do)
    • BangTe
      Seeing that pillar works so well ... Wow fantastic ...

      BTW I didn't see the video. I need to press my quota...

      One more thing that was unthinkable to me was skating through wdge. Nice moves. I think you need to make a red brick next to the wedge for pointer

      Thanks for sharing
    • Rating:
      Fun level ... But i win without do springboard stair. I do auto pilot to stair. And get the rail...
    • Rating:
      Start now simple but interesting and overall still a very enjoyable level.
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