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B alone in Mars. Note : there is a pillar section that was forgotten to be added on the previous card.

DDD, Sep 18, 2023 at 8:56 PM
    • ridgerunner
      Presumably my comment about two finishes alerted you to the fact something was missing.
      However I preferred the original tidier finish.
    • Rating:
      Lots of mysterious mechanisms to figure out. But fun to see it all come together! (I found the other finish easier and more stable, but this one is more wild and surprising.)
    • Rating:
      Denis Nazin
      Super cool mechanics and interaction of all mechanisms with each other:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:! Science fiction cool level "Mars":D. I liked it very much. But to pass this level you need to know very well and plan ahead such tricks as:
      autopilot in combination with a low ceiling
      :sneaky:. Therefore, I believe that this is a level for professionals; beginners will not be able to solve this. That's why I made a video so that more people can complete this cool level
    • Rating:
      Ray Aznable
      took me 2 days
      to figure out how its work.
    • Rating:
      What a beautiful design & fun gameplay with a really cool last step... thanks for sharing @DDD ;)
    • Chris Hester
      @Denis Nazin
      You are right, I got so far then couldn't figure it out any more so gave up.
    • DDD
      @ridgerunner Thank you for playing, actually before reading your comment I already realized that there was something wrong at the end, there are two steps. through the top is the step I'm aiming for.

      @cimarronline Yes, it's true that the easier path is too ordinary, there are no unique elements. I prefer the top route.

      @Denis Nazin thank you for making VS, actually it is not intended for pro or not, because everyone is free to play it, I think the average player on the forum generally knows some tricks and I have added it previously in the caption, I don't want to differentiate between each player being pro or not, just my style that I like is something like this in making cards. Thank you for playing.

      @Ray Aznable masa lama amat mbak nyelesainnya? Kirain gampang levelku, sorry klo levelnya susah atau mungkin terlalu byk part yg ngumpet, nuhun udh mainin.

      @delator77 as long as you are present in the comments section, it makes me happy, because previously I heard the news that you had been on hiatus for several months, the forum without you was like something was missing, thank you for playing.

      @Chris Hester Thank you for trying it, sorry if the level is too difficult or not as expected.
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    Sep 18, 2023 at 8:56 PM
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