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97 NinetySeven

Majestic Dragon

You have tracked the Majestic Beast into his damp lair. Now, as he is off on his next conquest you must escape with the treasured collection of golden stars.

Majestic Dragon
97 NinetySeven, Jan 14, 2022
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    • 97 NinetySeven
      Interlocking stairs
      Short legs (limbo move)
      Accurate Target shooting
      Multi use of balls
      Start by striking the balls with the slider (to hit water stars) then use the rebound bounce of one ball to claim the star on the slider itself
      To interlock the slider to the stairs release the slider just before contact, it will slip into place interlocking with the stairs very reliably
      ”R” will walk over the small gap from the stairs onto the slider. You may have to re-seat the slider if “R” turns around more than once at the gap
      to limbo under the center bar, move the slider until “R” starts to be pushed off by the bar, grab him before falling off then he should be crouching with short legs and can pass under the bar to the other set of stairs
    • Rating:
      Denis Nazin
      Super DRAGON! Wing movements are your unique discovery in mekorama:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:!!! I was sure it was impossible. But you did it! I remember that you already did the level with the movement of the wings :
      But at this level, you have made the mechanism even better and exactly in line. You are well done!

      As for the gameplay - it was short but original. It took me a long time to get on the slider. For me, it did not stop in a jammed state. But I realized that you can do it differently. This is an interesting new kind of movement for me. Thank you;)
    • 97 NinetySeven
      Thank you @Denis Nazin I had refined the wings for their timing and appearance.
      As for the slider- it does require a bit of dexterity…
      you have to “let go” just before contact and it will slip into place very reliably
      Thank you for your comments.
    • Jom
      The dragon is really beautifully made, :thumbsup::D:thumbsup::D. I was sorry it was flying off, just wanted to watch it for longer!
      I can't get anywhere with the gameplay, :unsure:!
    • ridgerunner
      Loved watching the flight dynamics , but a shame that the eyes look odd when the rest of the dragon is so good. Liked the gameplay.
    • 97 NinetySeven
      @Jom thank you for commenting.
      If you use a device with a touch screen (phone or tablet) you can follow the flight path for quite some time by dragging the screen view
      For the gameplay I’ll add additional spoiler hints to my first comment
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    • 97 NinetySeven
      @ridgerunner thank you for commenting. This was developed from (and shortly after) my Loch Ness-ie level. I wanted it to present itself as different and as unique as possible, the eyes being low seated orbs do appear odd or out of place especially when they are gazing in odd directions.
      I’m happy you liked the gameplay
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    • Jom
      @97 NinetySeven I kind of like those crazy eyes! They give him/her a mad scary look, :rotf::eek::rotf:.
    • Rating:
      Wow!! majestic dragon & majestic design!! what a pleasure for my eyes!! pure Meko-art :cool: for me,in this level, the gameplay was the less important thing... thanks for sharing @97 NinetySeven ;)
    • Rating:
      Magnificent animation and even I managed the gameplay. I don't think I would have managed without the hints however. I was very lucky in that I missed the rebound hit on the slider star but the final ball push took out the intended star plus the one I had missed. Thanks for sharing.
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    97 NinetySeven
    Jan 14, 2022
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