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Long Legs Help

No tricks needed. I will take a break from Mekorama. Final exam is just around the corner.

Long Legs Help
mastersifu, Nov 24, 2021
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    • mastersifu
      One thing you should know - B can descend from a ball resting on a wedge.
    • MekaSage
      Good luck on your exams!
    • Rating:
      Almost a good level but one of the basic assumptions of the the designer is false. So that there is a much simpler solution that does not need the ball held by the three rails nor the long legs. I did contrive a longer long leg win using the three rail ball but it was again simpler than the video. Yes good luck in exams.
      the higher budgeale when pushed cannot be walked across. But it CAN fairly easily. I did like the drift inwards of the three rail ball which I discovered looking for a longer win thinking that the ball might drop sideways towards the winblock.
    • mastersifu
      @ridgerunner Thanks for playing, commenting and rating. Yes, I made that false assumption. Now I had tried that move, B can only goes down but B can't climb back upwards right? If so, how can B return after pushing the ball near the autoslider?
    • Rating:
      Denis Nazin
      It seems to me that I also did not pass your level quite correctly - I did not use one ball and an underground mechanism. But! I like the logic of the level, I like the fact that you have made it more accessible! Thanks for that from me !!! I love the way B floats onto the pillar - cool move! I like the bridges and the logic of the sequence of balls. Thank you, I finally won one of your levels. Therefore, I am happy. And from me 5!

      I also sincerely wish you the best of luck on your exam!;)
    • mastersifu
      @Denis Nazin Thanks for playing, commenting and rating. Is your method was similar to ridgerunner's one - Let B walk down the higher budgeable to the ball near the autoslider? Glad that you liked some of the moves and most importantly, you won. The underground mechanism was to let Pillar bot enter long legs mode. Thanks again.
    • Rating:
      That's a good level.
      Our exams start next week :confused:
    • mastersifu
      @Mammad I had to use Google translate to know what you're saying. Thanks for paying, commenting and rating. Good luck in exams too.

      EDIT - You just typed your comment in English when I posted this comment. What a coincidence.
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    • ridgerunner
      @mastersifu B walks down and up for me as long as only one block ahead is tapped. Sometimes a back tap then forward tap is needed. I never got stuck there.
    • mastersifu
      @ridgerunner Weird - My B can only walks up to the middle of the budgeable then he is stuck there. Maybe if it wasn't this variation on the budgeable you'll be able to find the intended solution. By the way, I am using version 1.6.0
    • Rating:
      Meko Guy
      Tough one to rate as I didn't use all the elements. Getting going took me a long while as I didn't see the move at 26 seconds for some time. On my first attempt, the mechanism above the win fell while B waited on the stairs - see video
      You'll also note that B was able to pass the along that mechanism but sometimes it was easier than others.
      The ball movement at 2:13, I did try but without B as I figured that the two balls would roll together and one might roll over the win. Didn't work but one must try.
      To sum this up, I didn't need the ball closest to B at start nor did I need to release P to win. The level was obscure once again as all the moving parts makes for a tough route to follow as it changes as you go. Thanks for sharing.
    • Rating:
      A good one than others :)
      Good luck for your exams :)
    • mastersifu
      @Meko Guy I didn't know that the budgeable can fall without B pushing it so thanks for the video. In your video, B was also able to pass the mechanism with some quick back and forth tapping which I don't really do in my levels so I missed it. Thanks for playing, commenting and rating.

      @Anomynous Thanks for playing, commenting and rating. Did you also have B walk across the higher budgeable after it has fallen?
    • Anomynous
      @mastersifu Yep. This is an old matter. If you don't know it so, if any falling object is placed anywhere, then the area of 1 1 blocks near it can trigger it to fall if some moving object is near that
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