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it sun sunny

This one was tough for even me to pass. But it can be done with a trick or two. This level was created 100% by Xavier who is 4.5 years old. No adult assistance involved. Let us know what you think. He loves getting feedback on his levels. :)

it sun sunny
X-man, Jun 29, 2020
    • Meko Guy
      Nice work @X-man however I used two tricks, as per the description mentioned, but I used tricks that are not popular and most players don't like including me.
      I used ToA and BB - is that as intended?
      The Zbots had little purpose as I had no way to control them and the windmill route was no good for B as B can't pass the inset stairs....
    • X-man
      @Meko Guy Yes those two tricks are the intended method to win. Xavier is really focused on trying to make the levels look good and hard to pass. I think he has just learned a few tricks so he is adding them to the mix. My only rule for him before I post a level is that we have to be able to win the level or I wont post it. So this level passed the test. He is learning more and more each day, from the new levels that are posted here and gets some really good ideas. If you look at his first few levels we posted you can see he is getting more sophisticated especially for his age. I will give him the feedback he takes all suggestions seriously. He loves to see how many people have tried his levels, that really is exciting for him. Thanks
    • Meko Guy
      @X-man - I'm glad to hear that an adult is monitoring his levels and his feedback. Many other players, think that I'm too harsh with comments and that may be true but my intentions are to be helpful for improvement. I'm glad that @X-man can do BB and ToA but you may want to recommend not using them too often. More popular tricks like auto pilot, springboard stairs and stairs side step are much better as most players like them because they can be executed with higher frequency. For example, the BB in this card is easier as B only needs to lean inward but my mouse really took a beating with all the attempts and clicks. I use a PC emulator to play Mekorama so I use a mouse which is a lot harder than your finger.
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      Gege GT
      Good for young boy...
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    Jun 29, 2020
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