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Meko Guy

Grass to Grass

B will need some tricks and R will need to fall when B steps out of the way

Grass to Grass
Meko Guy, Feb 11, 2024
    • Meko Guy
      - auto pilot
      - low ceiling
      - cancel tap (maybe)
      - B will need to auto pilot onto the grass block (Grass to Grass with a Slide)
      - with L on B, tap the grass and slide the draggable so the stack goes downward allowing for the stack to stay together
    • Rating:
      Not easy to work out the gameplay. I missed the nice move for B at 2.13 and although i was close to the move at 4.13 , i never got it correctly so i used a different move.
      Instead of the 2.13 move i had B in a stack to get backacross. Instead of the 4.13 move I autopiloted the stack onto the wedge then tapped the sand next to the wedge. Then slowly rotated the motor one way then more quickly the other way to lift L up in the air and the arm of the rotatable continues to push L onto the red brick
    • Meko Guy
      @ridgerunner - First - thanks for playing, commenting and rating. Nice variation - I didn't see that move but now I do. I try not to use rotors as they seem to always work against my game play especially when a player flicks a bot as who knows where they will land.
    • Rating:
      Very nice tricky level... altough was pretty clear that the tittle was a hint I did not see how to perform that move & as you know I almost never see the hints so I had to find another way but without using tricks that were not listed... & reading @ridgerunner comment I think both did the same... first take a look how I did the stack & then "the movement"...
      Obviously your way is more stable & easy to do but hey, our move is cool too, right? :rolleyes:
      Thanks for sharing & for the fun @Meko Guy ;)
    • Meko Guy
      @delator77 - Yes - I do like the rotor motor - may have to use it in the future??

      Thanks for P, C and R.
    • ridgerunner
      @delator77.. your movement was slightly different from mine. I started off doing it the same way but i had trouble performing a clean lift without squeezing L out sideways, so changed tack and compressed B a bit before lifting up.
    • delator77
    • Meko Guy
      @delator77 - I tested the move and it isn't stable enough for me. Your video makes it look so easy but it isn't. Here's my issues:
      - Getting the stack onto the wedge - L fell off three times in a row so I held the draggable to allow them to move very slowly and that worked
      - Getting L onto the rotor requires great timing (tap and spin) - L fell off lots
      - Getting L off the rotor should work but twice in a row, L fell off back on to the start side
      None of the issues caused a complete restart but players could find it annoying or not stable so I'll skip that one unless I can build some stability into it.
    • delator77
      @Meko Guy jajaja, yes, I was afraid of it... obviously I showed my best on the video :D but I am not going to lie to you, I did not achieve the movement on my first try :oops:
      The only positive thing is, as you pointed out, that an error does not imply a restart :rolleyes:
    • Rating:
      ABDSMD mshl
      Nice level ! I did everything ,but to get L on the brick path i try to use @delator77 move with the motor but L keep falling so i read the hint and the move was good and stable.
      My gameplay was shorter and i didn't use low ceiling/cancel tap/the motor.
      I may upload a VS later to show you my way.
    • ABDSMD mshl
    • Meko Guy
      @ABDSMD mshl - Nicely done - In my defense, this level was called '2 or 3 Times' when it was first created. I was able to complete the level in two passes while most would need three so hence the name. Upon making the video, the ending move failed. The ending move was different than the level above. Here's a sample of the first idea which worked well and then it didn't???
      I couldn't have the ending fail so decided to change it to the card above. My problem with changing things last minute is I'm still playing the game play as it was first designed. Since it wasn't going to be called '2 or 3 Times' anymore, I made further changes allowing for you to do it all in one pass which was blind to me as I was so focused on the two passes.
    • Rating:
      Ray Aznable
      Im forced
      to use boggie bot bug
    • Ray Aznable
      I just watched VS,
      that autopilot while L ride on B,
      is unpredictable.
      quick slide the slider
      to prevent L head knock with sand block.
      boggie bot bug is easier to be thought of.
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    Meko Guy's Levels
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    Meko Guy
    Feb 11, 2024
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