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Don G Rowe

Fetch the Mail

The red light means the mail has arrived. Too bad Uncle PillR always has the box key ...

Fetch the Mail
Don G Rowe, Sep 15, 2020
    • Don G Rowe
      Thanks to @D.S.Masters for finding some instabilities. Fixed on this card.
      One low ceiling tap is needed to reach the mailbox. :)
      The balls will not lie flat unless knocked down in a proper sequence.
    • Rating:
      Got it. Not sure if there really is a ball order, as long as that particular ball is hit last
      double-railed one up top completes the path if the other 4 are in place... other than that, no real ball order that I could see
      . Not easy to see inside, and B has to move a bit too fast for my taste to block that ball. Otherwise, short, sweet, and compact, minimal herding.
    • Don G Rowe
      @D.S.Masters Thanks!
      The two balls at the back (furthest from the mailbox) should go first, although the order isn’t crucial. They can get hung up if you drop the front two first pretty consistently.
    • D.S.Masters
      @Don G Rowe Actually, I tapped those two last... and that one still has a little problem rolling into place.
    • Rating:
      Azka Fauzan Firdaus
      I like when the key is dropped, if you know what I mean :sneaky: I like the logic inside the a building (I called it a post office). Those balls were tricky. Until I saw the spoilers,
      I thought this level has some tricks putted. The 1st drop ball place is where my autopilot location plus the way into top of post office. I dropped the pole (or moving metals and pipe), then 2nd ball, then the intended way in my mind was when the 2nd ball dropped, the 1st ball can be hold the 2nd ball.
      But it turns out, I was suffered that way. Then I saw your spoiler also D.S. Master's spoiler (thanks for those btw ;)) And in the rest are totally simple. The paths were unique to drop P (I mean the uncle PillR) and B can catch the key and open up the mail box. Those tricks also their placements were awesome. I really like that. Thanks for sharing my friend! :thumbsup:
    • Rating:
      Very nice designed FUN logic level...Thanks for sharing @Don G Rowe ;)
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    Don G Rowe
    Sep 15, 2020
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