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Denis Nazin

Falls Castle

Using the new effect - "Offset - fall" or "Hit - fall". No more TRICKS!

Falls Castle
Denis Nazin, Apr 19, 2024
    • Denis Nazin
      Using the effect - "Offset - fall" or "Hit - fall".
      No more TRICKS!
      IMPORTANT! Be sure to watch the demo before playing:
      You need to hit the red bricks with acceleration and B will fall. If unsuccessful, try again.
      1)"Hit - fall"
      2)"Offset - fall"
      - This is the same thing, but the assembly is slightly different and the bot is tedious not only to hit but also to run along a little. This effect is not used in the level!!! This is to demonstrate the diversity of this effect.

      Time - 2:50
    • Denis Nazin
      For those who liked this effect, I want to make a comment - how to build.
      1) How to do (how to build!!!):

      Very important!!! To make the B bot fall more stably, you need to place a WEDGE under the B bot at the place of impact and fall!!!

      2) The second construction option is simpler, but more difficult for players! Because the B bot must hit with a running start and then run towards the cliff:
    • Rating:
      Interesting effect.
    • Rating:
      MekoPhysic follows really unconventional rules… :D Thank you for discovering and sharing this effect! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
    • Rating:
      Soohaeib Afeef Hosen
      Very interesting effect :cool:
    • Soohaeib Afeef Hosen
      Are there any thread for all effects listed? More effects = more level idea for me :)
    • Rating:
      Block builder
      New trick in a classic meko level design. Love it!
    • Denis Nazin
    • Rating:
      What a cool new discovery :cool: beautiful castle too... спасибо @Denis Nazin ;)
      btw, the demo number two is a kind of ToA (an old & a bit annoying trick that was eliminated except if there is a rounded block in the end -I think) but without doing anything... B simply falls :sneaky:
    • Rating:
    • Denis Nazin
      @FXCX Thank you SO MUCH :thumbsup:
    • Denis Nazin
      @delator77 Thank you very VERY much my friend :D:thumbsup:.
      Unfortunately, I don’t know the tricks of the previous version of the game (I wasn’t on the forum yet). But I suspect that such falls probably happened before due to the inertia (or greater inertia) that the B bot has. This is true?o_O
      There is no inertia here at these demonstrations:sneaky::

      1)In the demo (one) there is - hidden under a red brick is a slider, shifted half a block towards the cliff. When B hits the red brick - he feels the slider under the red brick. And the B bot moves along with this slider half a block towards the cliff. When the bot moves half a block towards the thin edge of the wedge, it falls. That's all physics is.

      2)In demo number two - the same principle. Under the earthen wedges there is a slider, shifted one floor of the block towards the cliff. But in the second demo, B falls not from a wedge, but from a full-fledged block - a cube. In this case, inertia actually helps a little! B hits the wedges, under the wedges there is a slider that displaces B! After this, B can run 2 more blocks in an offset position. That's why he falls off the cliff. But experiments have shown that 3 or more blocks - the bot returns to its normal state - the correct position in the mekorama grid (without displacement). Therefore, I made a run-up of no more than 2 blocks after the bot was displaced.

      Physics mekorama is a big science :sneaky::confused::D;)
    • Denis Nazin
      @Soohaeib Afeef Hosen There are a huge variety of effects and tricks in mekorama. The great masters of mekorama tried to systematize them in the past. But unfortunately, this cannot be done in full because research continues and new and new, AND NEW tricks and effects appear.
      I'll try to find you a few threads on the forum where I made a lot of interesting ideas for levels and a lot of different non-standard tricks. This is especially for everyone who wants to expand the variety of ideas for levels. I will find it and I will share with you...
    • delator77
      @Denis Nazin yes,with a specific tapping the inertia did its work and B fell with this trick... it was eliminated cause it allowed too many annoying shortcuts :rolleyes:
    • Denis Nazin
      @Soohaeib Afeef Hosen
      1) http://mekoramaforum.com/threads/lots-of-different-ideas-for-friends.1439/
      2) http://mekoramaforum.com/threads/many-many-ideas-for-friends.1788/
      3) This topic is closest to this level and its effect! http://mekoramaforum.com/threads/offset-and-tilted-blocks.1437/
      4) http://mekoramaforum.com/threads/fantastic-mekorama.1413/
      5) http://mekoramaforum.com/threads/star-pass.1402/
      and many more other threads.... Look at these. If you like it, contact me and I will give you many other interesting and varied topics. There are a lot of them and they are all interesting in their own way.;)
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    Denis Nazin
    Apr 19, 2024
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