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Twisted Vegan

Drop Ship

Updated version to fix a bug where the ship got jammed and couldn't be relaunched. Also added more steps, more stars and improved the method of completion

Drop Ship
Twisted Vegan, Jan 13, 2022
    • Meko Guy
      I found this level worked better than the last one but both were very tedious. Tedious because you had to inch each slider into place to get the right fit to go back up and after all that inching, the ship still may not go up straight and that meant one more time and hope to get the corner stars next time. I'm never a fan of collecting stars in each corner as that is the easy way out. B fell off the ship a few times and that mostly meant a restart as there was no way to get back on. The central star was got by the slider. Neat idea but ...
    • Twisted Vegan
      @Meko Guy with a bit of practice you can get a perfect lift every time. I decided to start making more difficult levels as you were complaining when I made them too easy
    • Twisted Vegan
      I'll upload a video walk through of the correct technique once people have had a chance to try it with no spoilers.
    • AJX
      amazing mechanic which is definately hard work,i gotta keep practicing...;)
    • Meko Guy
      @Twisted Vegan - There is a difference between easy and needing to practice a move. For example, four or five slides like in 'The Box' (being easy) versus
      . This is your level and I would assume that you have already made the level as stable as possible before posting. It's your job to practice and make all moves work for us so we can just play your level. If I need to practice in order to make your level work then that would not be very productive.
    • Rating:
      Meko Guy
      I decided to up my rating as the level was unique.
    • Twisted Vegan
    • Rating:
      Denis Nazin
      I liked the original idea:thumbsup:. And you have come up with sliders well in order to correct the ship. I know that the most thankless task is to build free elements in mekorama! They always get stuck! But you got the job done. For a very interesting idea and original gameplay - 5 stars from me!
      I passed your level quite differently and much faster)) Here is my video - 2 minutes
    • Twisted Vegan
      @Denis Nazin I love that method! Much better than the way I was doing it lol.

      You're right about the trickiness of working with free elements. I'm thinking my next level will be a little less chaotic
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    Twisted Vegan
    Jan 13, 2022
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