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Meko Guy

Drop Center Mech

The title is a big hint as that section is hard to see. Some tricks used

Drop Center Mech
Meko Guy, Dec 14, 2019
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    • Meko Guy
      - low ceiling (B acts strangely with a low ceiling and may travel over stairs that B can't normally do)
      - auto pilot (tap and move slider to redirect B)
      - cancel tap
      - each bot must drop a ball
    • Rating:
      Confusing claustrophobia in the middle but fairly easy gameplay otherwise. My win was slightly different. After freeing R just left him going up and down the side of the platform before lowering with the draggable. Didn’t need to push the R trapping ball.
    • Rating:
      Cool level.little bit confuse at the low ceiling part
    • Meko Guy
      @ridgerunner - Not sure how you did it without the R ball? How did B get back- squat drop / momentum?
    • ridgerunner
      @Meko Guy . Not sure myself. It was not squat/momentum type thing but just seemed to happen and i presume it was claustrophobia. Not as satisfying as the designed move for B.
    • Rating:
      I did it like you until the end...and I understand some elements of the design and its use,but now it's late because I saw your movie...
      with an autopilot I was able to put B onto R and win
      Thabks for aharing @Meko Guy :thumbsup:
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