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Double world

A free block

Double world
huijiuggbf, Sep 3, 2018
delator77, Kono and meko like this.
    • Br0K3N
      Too laggy for my IPad. Sorry.
    • gmacpro
      Too noisy and too annoying. Too many straight on spots were the FD needs a a lot of help to go thru.
    • huijiuggbf
      @Br0K3N @gmacpro Thanks for playing. Maybe it's because there are too many metals.
      Br0K3N likes this.
    • gmacpro
      It only takes one motor to make a lot of noise. I did mute my speakers but getting the FD thru some spots was too much work over and over.
    • Rating:
      Fairly sure its not an original idea but the level was designed well and the communication between the two levels was clever. Nice to see some logic in there too. Level suited me as i always play with sound off.
    • Rating:
      Good idea and a good design. You might have made the center lift manual somehow so a missed entry didn’t result in waiting for the next cycle. Also, toward the end of the process, my free draggable missed the entry into the lift at the bottom and ended up going down the hole. As I was trying to get it back out, the lift came back down on top of me, could not complete the down cycle and kept me pinned in the bottom hole. Game over.
      Other than a manual lift and maybe using some metal rounded pillars on some the square entries in the FD guides just to help get the FD aligned might also help.
      Again, great idea and well put together with the relationship of moving the rotators on each level to gain access to parts of the other level. Overall enjoyed the challenge.
      meko and huijiuggbf like this.
    • Rating:
      Great logic level with the free draggable(one of the most annoying elements of Mekorama) The design is really nice too... Thanks for sharing @huijiuggbf ;)
    • chemi
      Bufff very laggy... impossible to play in my mobile phone. :(
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