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Don't stumble!

And another again. Hope u like it. Sickboy.

Don't stumble!
Sickboy, Nov 6, 2017
    • Rating:
      Don G Rowe
      Relaxing, if a bit conventional.
      I see you've discovered sliders can be used to launch B. ;)
      Sickboy likes this.
    • gmacpro
      I gave up since you didn't provide a recovery point at the fence and I got tired of restarting. Tried running thru and the launch and many times unsuccessful. Looking ahead, it was a good chance that the toss wouldn't work on the 1st try either but at least there was a recovery point there. :(
    • Sickboy
      I'm glad to hear that it's not too easy. ;)
      Running throu is not a good idea. I realized that myself sadly at first. And because I was too tired for ripping everything off and change the mechanics, I suddenly had the idea of shooting B throu. You have to wait for the right moment then it's pretty easy...
      At the last one, sometimes I hit it more times in a row, as I was testing it and sometimes not, thats why i made a recovery point as you said.
      I thought the idea of shooting B on a spinning win kinda cool. Sometimes if you shoot right, B is on the win block walking like on a weel till the red surface comes up.
      Afterwards, I thought it would have been cooler to do it with a ball instead of B. As I was a kid, I had such a parcour box with real manual mechanics. was fun!:thumbsup:
    • gmacpro
      @Sickboy - Did you know tomorrow is coming? You may be extremely excited with a level and can't wait to share it but if something should be fixed prior to posting, no matter how tired, do it tomorrow so the level is your best. :thumbsup:
      Sickboy likes this.
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    Nov 6, 2017
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