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Denis Nazin

Diagonal Maze

A diagonal maze with one block wide passages is something that is impossible inside a level. BUT! Outside the level, this is real. I wish you good luck friends!

Diagonal Maze
Denis Nazin, Sep 20, 2021
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    • Denis Nazin
      A diagonal maze with one block wide passages is something that is impossible inside a level. BUT! Outside the level, this is real. I wish you good luck friends!
      [​IMG] - This picture shows everything you need to know to complete this level. And yet - B can easily walk on wedges outside the level!
      All information and rules for walking B outside the level are in the comments to my previous levels:
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      Yep,this trick is really cool!! & how you add gameplay is very nice спасибо @Denis Nazin :thumbsup:
    • Denis Nazin
      Thank you very much, my friend! I am happy that you liked it!
      Adding gameplay so as not to spoil the aesthetics of the level design was difficult. I very carefully chose the areas in which additional elements can be placed so that they are not visible in the overall picture. It was very difficult. But I did it). I am happy with the result. I'm glad you appreciated this. Thanks!!!;):D
    • Denis Nazin
      @Pratik Bhalerao
      Thank you for visiting my level!
      You will be surprised, it seemed to me that it turned out too simple))).
      This happens when you work on a level for a long time. Apparently I thought so, because I have already learned very well the B manners outside the level, and it seems very simple to me. Thank you for writing to me! I will definitely take your remark into account! I do not like to overload the level !! I was sure that everything is simple at this level. I guess I was wrong ..

      I really need to know for the future level - tell me what exactly overloads this level, in your opinion ?? It is important for me to understand this so as not to do this in the future. Thanks!
    • Pratik Bhalerao
      @Denis Nazin
      All well. I just need more practice of out space walking behaviour.
    • Rating:
      It was a little hard to see where the openings were, but not too bad. All in all another fun technique!
    • Denis Nazin
      Thanks a lot. My friend thanks for the clarification. I understand what the problem is! It's not about the technique of movement, it's just a little difficult to see the passages. I'll explain - it's design driven. I really wanted to have a perfect picture of the level). And it seemed to me that the labyrinth was not difficult, so that you could look for passages a little to make it more interesting.

      But you reassured me - that everything is not so critical. just need to try a little. Thank you very much for your support. She is very important to me. I am grateful to you. ;)
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      I had lost interest in these “out of level” series but tried this and it seemed simpler and I enjoyed it.
    • Denis Nazin
      Oh my friend! Thanks! Thanks a lot! You reassured me)). I was very concerned about what turned out to be difficult. But your comment was very supportive. It's just an ordinary maze! It is not difficult, but the passages are slightly poorly visible. Thanks!! I'm glad you played. Thank you for writing your opinion. Maybe I need to go back to normal levels. I have already made 3 levels "out", they are not difficult at all. But I still have about 10 levels on other topics. I'll switch to them)).;):D
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    Sep 20, 2021
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