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Climb Mountain 3

Some tricks need to be used. The first square needs to be pushed several times more.

Climb Mountain 3
huijiuggbf, Aug 9, 2019
delator77 likes this.
    • huijiuggbf
      Auto pilot and low ceiling need to be used.
    • ridgerunner
      Presently stuck on the back side of the level wondering how to get B back for the next three autopilots, but there is a shortcut win
      after pushing second ball , tap the falling ball and B jumps across to land on the curved rail. Then walk to winblock
    • Meko Guy
      Wow - another annoying level because of the unstable auto pilots. Everyone failed at some point and therefore a restart was required. I'm wondering if I missed part of the level as I dropped the 3 balls and then went to the win. I assumed that the metal structure across the bottom needed to move???? but I didn't do that. You also had a few red herrings. On the positive side, the auto pilots were grand and somewhat obscure.
    • Rating:
      Meko Guy
      I was just looking at the level again and I guess my auto pilot across the front was before the mechanism was pushed forward. It works often but not every time. I dropped another star as you wanted me to auto pilot into the darkness - how can I know that is there? That auto pilot was less stable than the one across the front and I still don't see how to get B back but maybe there's more hidden. Not impressed.
    • Meko Guy
      @huijiuggbf - Here's the auto pilot I mentioned:
    • Meko Guy
      This was a duplicate post
    • huijiuggbf
      @ridgerunner Thanks for playing!
      The autopilot can also be used where the first ball is pushed, and a metal structure can be pushed after use, but this structure needs to be pushed several times more. Then you can go back to the front after completing a few steps.
      Thank you for pointing out the shortcuts. I'll record them and I will correct it when I can use Meko studio, but it will take some time.
    • huijiuggbf
      @Meko Guy I tried several times but failed to turn on your spoiler. In fact, there are not so many hiding places at this level. The only possible hiding place is at the beginning of the game. There is a removable metal structure on the right side of the first draggable, Only one grid distance.
      but this structure needs to be pushed several times. After a few steps, you can go back to the front.
    • Rating:
      Excellent tricky level...I had a lot of fun figuring out the path:sneaky:... Thanks for sharing @huijiuggbf ;)
    • huijiuggbf
      Thanks for playing!@delator77
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