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Meko Guy

Belly Rides

A no trick level but L will need to fall when B steps out of the way. There is a recovery card below as well

Belly Rides
Meko Guy, Nov 24, 2023
delator77 and Ray Aznable like this.
    • Meko Guy
      This card starts L and B off at the brick

    • Mikhail
      Смешное название уровня
    • Rating:
      Ray Aznable
      watched video,
      didnt have any idea
      where to perform belly ride.
      the rest are easy.
    • Rating:
      My gameplay was a bit different and i was a bit slow to see the finish as up to that point i had only used the belly of one bot. I used a different bot to push the first ball(the most central ball) and i used a different gameplay to get L over to the half of the level with the vertical fence pieces.
      carried L over to the star ball and L stepped over and pushed the ball at the same time
    • Rating:
      Well, I have several things to say about this level... first of all I would say that I remember the level in which I learned this move, not the name of the card but the level, since it was one of your levels in which I I gave up... therefore I can say that I was familiar with it... regarding this level I have to say that when I completed it I was almost sure that I had done it as you had planned, that is, without tricks and with the step where L has to miss to B to go down... but what a surprise when I saw your solution, with some movements the same but others very, very different... as I think you will be interested I have recorded my solution... I think what you will like the most is the variation in the step where L has to miss a B... look at this... do you like it my friend? :rolleyes: It's incredible how on a complex level of pure logic there is more than one complex solution... when there are tricks involved I can understand it but when it's pure logic I find it more complicated... anyway, this is a great level... thanks for sharing & for the fun @Meko Guy ;)
    • Meko Guy
      Yes I liked your video. One plays the game the way their mind sees it. I agree that you stayed within the no trick idea. Your move at 2:16 where B must go long legs at the right time may be classified as a trick as you must tap at the correct time in order for the move to occur. Similar to B stepping out of the way and a bot falling but much easier to do. Another thing that I seen which I avoid when building levels. You chanced walking with L above past areas that L can go to. For example at 2:03 and 5:19. If L were to fall then the player may give up so I tend to make no chance for the upper bot to get off for example at 6:30, L can not get off - no place to go. Your move at 5:14 was my error as I added in the extra stone block just before posting as the timing to get B in and down at 3:04 was tight and if I missed it twice then again, the player may just give up. In other words, I gave you another option that shouldn't have been there. Thanks for the video and of course playing, commenting and rating.
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    Meko Guy's Levels
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    Meko Guy
    Nov 24, 2023
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