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Meko Guy

Ball Riders

A Quick Slide is required but not really a trick

Ball Riders
Meko Guy, Nov 28, 2021
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    • Meko Guy
      - the Ball will not stop in the Recycle Bin
      - release the ball very slowly so the bots don’t fall off
      - the Ball needs to stop in the last spot (stone rounded block)
    • Rating:
      New level
      New theme
      New steps
      New challenge
      But the fun remains same ;)
    • Meko Guy
      @Anomynous - Did you get the last ball roll on the first attempt?

      EDIT - I don't mean did they make it across but were they in the right spot?
    • Rating:
      Apt title and i liked the last ride the best as it looked precariously balanced but made it across. Second attempt for me.
    • Rating:
      Denis Nazin
      Very cool level. Loved the wedges. As always, the logic of the level is very interesting.
      But I didn't use everything. Here's my video walkthrough.
      My first victory was twice as short. I accidentally managed to push L onto the wedge near the stairs next to the win block. L went from the wedge and won))).
      But this is wrong!! (contrary to the level rules - no tricks) - because I was using autopilot.
    • Meko Guy
      @Denis Nazin - Nice shortcut - I still forget B can walk with a bot above as your shortcut would have been very easy to block but I never thought to block for it. I also noticed in your video that you are very aggressive or sharp with the sliders. It is obvious that you never played Mekorama v1.1 as the bots didn't stick when on sliders so for example, doing the quick slide also wouldn't have worked as the upper bot would have fallen off. Thanks for P, C and R.
    • Karen 2.0
      @Meko Guy, I have yet to play your level but I open it up and I see a bin! This is amazing! How did you make it?
    • Meko Guy
      @Karen 2.0 - Mekostudio.com 3D Builder allows one to copy a block to the clipboard so if you have a block or a group of blocks, one can copy and paste it. I got the block from a level someone created a while ago and just pasted it in.
    • Karen 2.0
      Thanks, that's very interesting, I'll have to check Mekostudio out. And try to figure out your level :)
    • Meko Guy
      @Karen 2.0 -
      No tricks and I think the game play is fairly intuitive until you get to the bin area ball ride. At that point, you might need a quick rethink. I do have a hint for that area and of course the video is available if something else eludes you or just ask a question. I'm signing off for today but will be back online in the AM.
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