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Auto Pilot X v2

This is an updated version of my level Autopilot Xtreme. I made the launcher and a few other elements more stable and fixed a shortcut. UPDATE! The launcher was causing some stability problems, so I made a version without the launcher. See my first comment to download it.

Auto Pilot X v2
MekaSage, May 30, 2021
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    • MekaSage
      If you just want to try the obstacle course, here's a version of the level that already has the path built:

      For both versions, the only trick needed is autopilot.

      If B falls off the obstacle course you can use these steps to get back to the start:
      1. Raise the starting platform.
      2. If B isn't on grass, climb the stairs to the grass.
      3. Tap under the starting platform then quickly lower it so B will autopilot to the platform.
      It seems that the launcher is still a source of instability, so I made a version that removes the launcher and replades it with a wedge/stair autopilot:
    • MekaSage
      Thanks to @Meko Guy for catching the shortcut in the original version.
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      Yes, that worked great, first time. Fun seeing what B can do!
    • Meko Guy
      @MekaSage - After 8 attempts, not restarts, my B hits the wedge on right side and falls onto the grass each time. I set it up by extending the rails so B can reach the motors without a bounce and B got to the three fence motors and fell off onto the white space after the first and before the second. Tried again and B got past the fence motors but got stuck on a motor after the wedge climb (that's a restart) so figured there were too many issues. I had enough.
    • MekaSage
      @Meko Guy Sorry to hear that. It's frustrating that Mekorama seems to work differently on different devices. Thanks for trying, though.
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    • MekaSage
      Thanks, @Meak! I really like how your maze builder works. That's a cool idea.
    • Buurmas
      Thanks for your diligence in making all these updates. For me, the first one (v1) works fine, with only occasional oddities. I'm amazed that v3 doesn't require you to move any draggable after tapping for the magic to happen -- wedges are so weird!
    • MekaSage
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