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cool guy

2D Remastered

decided to improve my original 2D level and make a actual level in 2D (be sure to check out Don G Rowe 2D level it is really good) :-)

2D Remastered
cool guy, Jun 19, 2017
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    • chemi
      Didn't find how to come back in a stable way after pushing the second ball... :(
      But I was able to won using a shortcut...
      Use autopilot to get the win after you are done with the first ball.
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    • gmacpro
      I didn't even bother to look past the first move as after 11 tries the ball landed once.
    • Gepeto
      This level look great. Unfortunately the first ball is so hard to managed that I agree that the ability required is so high and hazardous that it could end up to give it up
      And even when I succeed (twice) to place the ball the forced path under the stone stair makes really difficult to stay on the line :(
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    • Rating:
      Design: 4
      Gameplay: 5
      Replayability: 4
      Difficulty: Medium

      Final Verdict: 4.33
      = The design looks better than the first one and most of the blocks have been used in the game. The gameplay went higher with added ability and logic. The first move really requires timing but the rest is good. I was able to do the intended solution by the way. ;)
      cool guy likes this.
    • Rating:
      As @chemi says this level has a shortcut:( (@cool guy you must study the Mekorama tricks to avoid this) ... but I have to admit that this is without a doubt the best level I have played made by you:D ... your Intentional solution is simply brilliant !!! If you can avoid the shortcuts we will enjoy you a lot !!! Congratulations @cool guy :rolleyes:
      cool guy likes this.
    • delator77
      If someone is stucked in one step and needs helps I've made a video:
      BTW,if this is your intended solution @cool guy ,is really brilliant!! Great job and keep it up:thumbsup:
      cool guy likes this.
    • cool guy
      it was my intended solution, and thanks for all the positive feedback :) (and the great rating) .
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    cool guy
    Jun 19, 2017
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