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Leo Roboskosk


In this level you need to make a ball land on the star. There is an autoslider use it. Because it's the only thing you can use. Im gonna put 3 solutions in the comment section and I will explain every one of them. Im sorry that I can't make spoilers. How do you guys do it? Enjoy :))))!

Leo Roboskosk, Nov 19, 2023
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    • Leo Roboskosk
      I don't know how you guys put a video in comments. Can you guys help me next time? And its in google. Shall I start a channel? Its in google because I used screen recording for all my 3 solutions. And I edited them also in capcut. I hope you get all the levels in google photos. I must also check. Guys look at the videos and I'll explain the solutions here:

      Solution 1:
      Up and down. You must swipe the autoslider up and down fast and like in the video the autoslider is not near the ground it should be over the ground and down to the ground. It makes more balls come out than expected.

      Solution 2:
      Levitating. You must swipe the autoslider fast down and slow in 0.01 seconds to make the balls float. And don't forget to go up and down to get the balls otherwise you wouldn't get them.

      Solution 3:

      Fast ground. Like in solution 1 but you must touch the ground more than once and you can still get the balls out.
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    • Leo Roboskosk
      @delator77 You are welcome! Thx for trying the solutions. I said I wouldn't post this level until I make solutions and a video. It's just weird when I put many balls in the big autoslider it's like it was no balls on the other side of the autoslider. I tried it it in a temple full of just balls and there wasn't many, there was balls that was like invisible. Thx for trying it! :thumbsup:
    • Chris Hester
      You can use the Spoiler tags to hide the solutions. When typing a comment press the plus icon above and a menu appears. Choose "Spoiler" and it puts the right tags into your message. Everything you type inside the tags gets hidden. Try it!
    • Rating:
      Chris Hester
      I used solution 1 moving up and down until the balls hit the win block.
    • Leo Roboskosk
      @Chris Hester nice to hear. Idk it wasn't my best level but I'll do better next time. I'm gonna post another level tomorrow. And yes the @cimarronline showed me thx for asking tho. Thx for trying it! :thumbsup:
    • rmatosinhos
      I used the brute force to solve it. It was fun
    • Leo Roboskosk
      @rmatosinhos nice to hear that you found methods and kombinations. Thx for trying it! :thumbsup:
    • Rating:
      Denis Nazin
      Ha, ha:rotf:. A fun and very short level. For an interesting idea and a beautiful box design from me 4. Thank you;)
    • Leo Roboskosk
      @Denis Nazin good that you liked it! I will do another level today. I hope you had fun in the level. Thx for trying it!:thumbsup:
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