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Haunted Hill

Strange lights can often be seen up on the hill at night and unearthly shrieks are heard. The locals steer clear of the place saying that it's an ancient burial ground. Legends of treasure hidden in the hill draws an occasional seeker, yet none who've ventured there have ever returned. Will you?

Haunted Hill
retrograde, Sep 16, 2016
chemi and TR O like this.
    • Rating:
      Such a fun level
      How did you fit so many "ghosts" in such small space?
    • retrograde
      @richardfu_ Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.
      There's actually one more down there which doesn't make it onto the play field, he's a helper though. If I really pushed the level size, 5 more ghosts could of been squeezed in! That would been completely insane. ;)
    • Rating:
      That was hard :D
    • Rating:
      TR O
      Very exciting and dramatic =D! A new way to jump B and clear zappers. Most importantly new way to release the
      ghost=P. It took B many lifessss to figure how to jump properly with the first tool. It great that B can jump diagonally now. The climax I guess should be where B need to get out from the hole. It makes me so nervous because B was coming out very slow and the ghost is approaching. Im very curious how you figured the pop up effect...it's awesome. I have a similar a idea like having some components glitch inside and cause explosion effect. Unfortunately, :( very mini eplosion and has lots of unnecessary noise. This level however I noticed is comfortably quite.
    • Block builder
      Overall good level.

      I walked passed the bridge by keeping it up.

      Dropped down a level by rotating the wheel, then walked inside.

      Rotated the wheel such that the nearby zapperbot walks on the side of a zapper on the wheel, then dropped him.

      Opened the ghost gate without B going up. Rotated the wheel with zappers up, and dropped the ghosts one by one to the outside of the level. (abuse/shortcut?)

      Went a level up (no ghosts anymore), walked slowly passed the ball to not drop it to the wrong side, dropped it correctly, and walked a circle and down to the win.
    • TR O
      @retrograde Oh, I guess I know where you get that idea :D:rolleyes:
    • retrograde
      @Block builder Yes, that's pretty much the intended the solution. The way you solved that 4th step is the right way to do it (if not the only way).
      The easiest way to get past that initial part is to put B-Bot on the one safe spot on the bridge, raise the bridge as high as it will go, and then quickly tap the grass block to at the other end of the bridge. It's kind of cool what B-Bot does.
      As I'm sure you found, you can also just drop that zapper bot down after B-Bot has entered the cave, but in my testing I generally did exactly what you did because it's more satisfying to make the play field completely safe.:)
      Thanks for playing!
    • TR O
      @retrograde Wait....I guess I overthink it. I mean the pop up effect but never mind. And I just realised the bar is not for jumping-,-|||
    • retrograde
      @TR O I'm impressed and a bit shocked that you were able to get B-Bot to jump with the bridge. I figured that 2 zappers plus the sluggishness in moving the bridge would have made jumping impossible. I was unable do it on my attempts too, otherwise I would of put in a block somewhere to thwart a safe landing. o_O

      Making the bridge not stay up took a lot of trial and error testing. It's the same kind of jumper used in my Tiny Jump Demo level but with a lot of top weight which makes is sag down. The problem with this structure is that it sometimes got stuck in the up position which made it super easy to walk across. So I put an eye on a hidden part of the bridge which slams up against a horizontal rail. This prevents the bridge from staying up.

      This is pretty much just a pusher which makes the bots squeeze up against wedge block. The vertical slider makes B-Bot push up a free block (that has an unreachable draggable down below), which unblocks the bot pusher.
    • TR O
      @retrograde Yeah.. The bridge is well tuned for sure. It's just because B got launched up coincidentally in some of my attempts. And it leads me to believe that's what it is. Plus the landing of him looks so legit make me even think: wow This is some dope ass tool !=P. Eventually, I figured a way make that happen again. I write them down at the end, don't know if you're interested.

      ]Well, the pop up effect is quite amazing. I thought It requires more tools to help pushing smoothly. You know because normally you would think they will stuck if they squeeze like that, but after I tried it out and surprisingly they did not. It makes me wanna build a level with that effect too.
      (camera facing directly to the bridge) Pull the draggable towards yourself at the begining. Like trying to drag it out. It should be trying to move but it cannot. Then put the finger back where the draggable is and ready to launch. The whole bridge should sensed the finger action already so there won't be much delay. The action is spontaneous, don't know why am I doing that. Maybe I play around with draggables too much. :D
    • Rating:
      Great level, thanks! Although I am used to smoother mechanisms in your levels... ;)
      By the way, there are several theoretically draggables not used. Is it correct?
    • retrograde
      On occasion the zapper bots can get stuck banging onto each other when 2 are trying to walk onto the same spot. Those immovable draggabless allow you to unstick the R bots when this happens.
    • Rating:
      Block builder
      Edited my rating away I guess. So here it is.
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