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Don't know

what the tittle should be

Don't know
Yusuf, Aug 4, 2023
delator77 and Ray Aznable like this.
    • Rating:
      Nathan Sabari
      This is a very very tricky level:confused:.
      It takes thinking, precision, and huge amount of time to find the gameplay:sneaky:. I didn't like the precise timing and delicate moves, which took me so much attempts. Overall, cool and fun gameplay and it got me hooked;);). Satisfied with the win:). Thanks for sharing:thumbsup:.

      The title I suggest is tightrope walking:rotf::rotf:
    • Rating:
      Excellent tricky level with not easy skill steps :sneaky:... & as I love this kind of levels I enjoyed a lot despite of several restarts... believe me, they worthed it :D thanks for sharing @Yusuf ;) great job!!
      btw, you did not listed a trick list but in my gameplay I used...
      an autopilot using a bridging ball for B to push the last ball... I do not consider the fact that B can walk on a pillar in a lateral position a trick, nor do B's movements slowly moving the slider-rotor
      Yusuf likes this.
    • Rating:
      I don’t have the patience of @delator77 but seeing the win gave me incentive to try again. Had two gameplays and couldn’t work out if it was easier using the budgeable near where B starts or without it. Plenty of restarts to compare. When B finally got close to the winblock nothing happened for 10 seconds, “****” ,but it was a great relief when it did as my ipad often reacts strangely to budgeables falling.
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    • Rating:
      Ray Aznable
      controlling middle ball,
      using underground slider
      together with middle bridge,
      is no easy task.
      also, bounce last ball,
      in order to jump over water,
      to fill its hole for final part,
      another hard challenge.

      hard level.
      Yusuf likes this.
    • Pratik Bhalerao
      @Yusuf Whether tricks are involved are not clear and sensitive checkpoints makes the level much harder. A video solution is expected.
      Yusuf likes this.
    • Yusuf
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    Aug 4, 2023
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