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New Profile Posts

  1. Black1226
    Hello my Meko-friends. I hope everyone is well!
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  2. Netizen
    It's a pity that I deleted 'Bolmae' level for some reason, many thanks to everyone who has tried, and I'll try to make better levels.
  3. Zedket
    does life exist?
    1. Don G Rowe
      Oct 21, 2019 at 11:01 PM
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    2. Zedket
      thanks, HANL
      Oct 22, 2019 at 5:49 AM
  4. DDD
    maybe I'm getting bored with mekorama, nothing new or something interesting even play it or making a level, it feels the same
    1. Fendi Rahardian
      Fendi Rahardian
      Nothing new under the sun, but being under the sun is interesting, because we can watch the sunrise and sunset.., - Jelema
      Oct 20, 2019 at 10:43 AM
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  5. HaseebDemon
    Exams. Busy not too much time to create a level but trying to create some levels
  6. Makl
    I really just want to say thanks to everyone who has helped me learn the ins and outs of this game.
  7. cimarronline
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    2. Źàiď
      Very nice!
      Oct 13, 2019
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  8. Don G Rowe
    Don G Rowe
    Back to the NLCS for my STL Cards. Could 2019 see a Series Championship AND a Stanley Cup in the same year? Stay tuned.
  9. Źàiď
    Finally my huge examination is done!..Now it's time to play , rate and make a level! :)
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  10. EL797
    EL797 Martin Magni
    I really hope that you update Mekorama as soon as possible because there are some bugs that are really frustrating. Also, you can add some new blocks & levels in it.
    1. Źàiď
      According to one of the @Martin Magni 's comment in FB featured level page:
      "I know exactly what you mean. I've done some experiments, and have a potential solution. Only time and money is lacking. "
      Oct 8, 2019
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    2. EL797
      Oct 8, 2019
  11. XXX_Tentacion 2
    XXX_Tentacion 2
    I a m b a c k
    1. Zedket
      w e l c u m b a k
      Oct 8, 2019
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  12. Źàiď
    This week I have to face off with my huge examination so wish me LUCK! :'( Maybe I'll offline in this certain time..
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    2. Zedket
      the same to me, I have two tests with different subjects this incoming week. Good luck to us.
      Oct 6, 2019
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  13. Auto-matic/me
    so, im fan-making a sequel of mekorama in mekorama, th proyect calls mekorama 2 (obviously) so i have 3 levels for that proyect...
  14. Zedket
    i like making levels rather than actually playing them.
  15. Ahnaf ZX
    Ahnaf ZX
    Try not to become a man of sucess,but rather try to become a man of value.Albert Einstein.
  16. Jam3t69
    Jam3t69 delator77
    Porque no haces niveles amigo se me hace que eres bueno en eso
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    2. delator77
      Pronto voy a subir mi primer nivel...
      Sep 22, 2019
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  17. Jam3t69
    Hablo español pero hago niveles en inglés
  18. Makl
    I make my levels from finish to start.
  19. cimarronline
  20. DDD
    How to make sensor (double slider) more stable?
    1. View previous comments...
    2. DDD
      Yes, I had trouble if I add slider more & change B position, sensor will different (reversed) or not respond.
      I've read your tips on level 'High End', but still difficult
      Sep 19, 2019
      vince likes this.
    3. vince
      I have found only one stable setup after a lot of trial and errors, I'm afraid it's impossible to predict what happens when you add more bots or sliders... My level Across the moat is using the same pattern as High end.
      Sep 19, 2019
    4. DDD
      I played that level too, I'm always amazed by creators who use sensor like you & @meko
      I have a level concept with sensors, unfortunately it might not work, very confusing bug :(
      Sep 19, 2019
      vince likes this.