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Let's Discuss What to do after a level shortcut?

Discussion in 'Level Creation Help' started by HaseebDemon, Feb 23, 2020.


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  2. No

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  1. HaseebDemon

    HaseebDemon Well-Known Member

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    Feb 9, 2019
    Since I loved finding new ways to win and uploaded them but it was also some kind of bad feeling authors deleted their levels or never uploaded back!

    But then I left uploading shortcuts but I think the author should delete their levels or also it's up to the author if he doesn't want to delete the level and not to fix it but a player should always play the intended way and rate the level according to intended way!

    What is a shortcut? ( My Opinion ):
    I think shortcut is completing a level in less time than the intended way. The shortcut does not depend on tricks or not doing tricks!
    Just completing a level faster is called a shortcut

    In-case if the author deletes the level ( My Opinion ):
    The author should add a spoiler in comments uploading a old-version of the level (If he wants) just for learning purpose so in-case other players will see how and where is the shortcut and how it's done in a certain way and learn from it instead of finding other levels or forums they will learn from shortcut + level tricks + level logic itself too from the same level

    In-case if the author doesn't delete the level ( My Opinion ):
    The author should add a spoiler in comments uploading the shortcut! For learning purpose

    Why feel bad about shortcuts? ( My Opinion ):
    There are too many things in a level and you're trying to create a level and while testing them maybe you'll miss something so a person has to break his assumption to reach only here by this trick and try watching every way to reach there

    But everyone thinks differently and maybe will see something like a shortcut and try to exploit it

    So, it's not possible to see everything and also a person should'not feel bad about it. it's not a mistake and also you may be learned from it

    So, Just enjoy learning something new and enjoy shortcuts

    Was it a mistake?
    No, we cannot call this a mistake but Yes, this is missed and it will also help the author why he missed it and how he missed it while testing to help him not only think better while testing the level also will help him by recreating the level or creating a new level.

    A Story of My level "ThEscape 4rm Z's"
    Players founded a shortcut in my level by using the autopilot after dropping the ball which I knew but the ground floor was blocked with inset stairs which I taught B will not pass them!

    But SBS is enough to pass these stairs

    So, I learned this that B is able to pass inset stairs by doing the SBS!
    But when I'm re-creating the level I used the same effect of autopilot on the ball (which I knew but I didn't know about the inset stairs SBS thing)

    On the different parts of the level as a trick!

    Difference b/w Level Creation and Finding shortcut on a level:
    1) Creating a level is much harder than finding a shortcut on a level
    2) Creating a level takes time where finding a shortcut doesn't take too much time
    3) Creating a level, the creator thinking only about the tricks sometimes and because of this assumption the creator cannot see or think completely different about reaching on places with other tricks or with other ways
    Where a person who is playing the level is in fresh mood just wants to play mekorama and there's no other thing going on his mind. the player doesn't know how to complete the puzzle so the player explores the level around him and will find some shortcuts may be some different ways to reach on different levels

    Also, sharing these ways helps the community and this forum
    Also, helps the level creator and the player

    Why I posted this:
    Just to clear this and want to share my thoughts about feeling bad about these shortcuts or some random thoughts in my mind :D

    Make sure to vote to agree or disagree or reply to correct me in some places
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  2. Patranak32

    Patranak32 Member

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    May 26, 2019
    Ye.They keep finding shortcuts in my levels.I tried to reupload the level fixing the shortcut but they found a new one.

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