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Recommendations Share some memorable levels!

Discussion in 'Notable Levels and Other Cards' started by laurence.gr, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. laurence.gr

    laurence.gr Famous Member

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    Nov 8, 2017
    Here is a list of the most memorable levels for me. These are the levels that I keep on playing every now and then because it makes me feel relaxed, I don't know why but it works.

    The Gate by @Block builder
    Gyrate Castle by @PvB (Rohit)
    SLIDE by @PvB (Rohit)
    The elevator by @Shinji Ikari
    UP EZ by @Don G Rowe
    Catch! by @Black1226
    Wait for It by @gmacpro
    Follow the Win by @gmacpro
    Minor Ninth by @HulgoB
    Checkered Base by @nGord
    Wedge Help by @gmacpro
    The Mangrove by @mothproof
    Catch B by @gmacpro
    Stuck the mill. by @PvB (Pankaj.)
    3 Balls in a Row by @gmacpro
    Regulate by @PvB (Rohit)
    Mech Mansion by @Don G Rowe
    Banaue by @AelJerzhee
    Pleasant Day by @PvB (Rohit)
    B's Tea Garden by @Black1226
    Long Way Down by @Black1226
    Brake It Down by @Logo
    Be Strong by @gmacpro
    Monorail by @richardfu_
    Theme Park by @Star Penguin
    Track Breaker by @cpw
    Stay in stair by @Jay kokare
    spider by @aa kim
    Rollers by @gmacpro

    Octopus 4kids. by @PvB (Pankaj.)
    Optimus Prime by @Don G Rowe
    Fallen angel by @Block builder
    The Ruins by @Don G Rowe
    Cube castle by @Block builder
    Camill by @Cool of Duty (Collaboration level by @Block builder, @Chuckthulhu and @sawdust)
    Trick Slice by @Don G Rowe
    Crunchy Roll by @cpw
    Bots Journey by @Master Author
    Aircraft B by @rsa92
    On a leash by @Block builder

    Take note that this is just my personal list, not based on ratings, authors, and likes.
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  2. EL797

    EL797 Weekend Levels Section Moderator Staff Member

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    Mar 31, 2018
    1 Abu Simbul by J.Luis Galiano
    2 Gravity gun by Block Builder
    3 The Concert by Richard fu
    4 The Swamp by Richard fu
    5 Power Provider by Richard fu
    6 Another Universe by Richard fu
    7 Praying for Rain by nGord
    8 Eyeless friends by Logo
    9 Re: Level 1 by Fabian
    10 Floors Exchange by Meko
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  3. cimarronline

    cimarronline Well-Known Member

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    Feb 19, 2019
    There are so many levels here in the forum (thanks to all who build and share!). Some of the best are easier to find because they've been featured, but some of my favorites I had to really dig to find. So I thought I'd highlight some of those to make them easier for others to find. In no particular order:

    Make A Wish by @TR O
    Two puzzles in one, and a great surprise

    Perfect Storm by F.F. (@JackBauer)
    Totally different, great design, never the same twice

    Kickers Palace by @Chasano222
    Surprising trick, unique gameplay

    Dark Side Of The Moon by @MScript
    Beautiful, unique design

    Wizard's Spire by @retrograde
    Packed with tricks, great conclusion

    Any great levels you love that you'd like to help others find?
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