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Tips My creative process (with example)

Discussion in 'Level Creation Help' started by Meko Guy, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. Meko Guy

    Meko Guy Well-Known Member

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    May 29, 2019
    I've been asked a few times now: "How do you create levels?"

    Here's my level building method: Whenever I have an idea for a move, I build it into a new card or alongside a previously built move already stored away. If I build a new move alongside a previous one, I don't necessarily link them - I simply use the card to store my ideas. After I have about three or four ideas that require the same bots, I then see if I can put them together to build a full level.

    So here's an actual level being created: I have three moves on one card. By changing B's starting position, I can experiment with each of the three moves. Three different starting positions leads to saving three new cards (one with B in each spot). The goal is to get B and/or R to the brick section.

    Here are the cards:


    You can play each section.

    So in order to build a full level, I'll attempt to merge these ideas. If successful, super, but many times the sections don't fit well so I'll wait until I have more ideas.

    Here's my new level, but in a rough state. It's the three sections merged together into a level with game play and interaction between the sections.

    Were you able to see each of the three sections?

    You'll note that I switched R out with P as that fit the level better. I started with the rotor ball drop as it has the most risk of failure. If the ball doesn't go in the hole or B doesn't make it across then you can restart without repeating too much.

    So after lots of testing for game play, problems, instabilities, shortcuts, etc, I'll fill in the card, add colour and set it aside for about one week and replay the card to see how it works – I may see another way or a way to bypass an area. If all goes well, then it will go into the queue for posting. About three days before posting, I make the solution video and any other changes that may arise.

    Here's the finished and posted card.


    You'll see a huge difference between the rough card and the finished one, but all three sections are still there just merged and integrated for a full game play card.

    Thanks for reading – any thoughts?
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