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Statistics Most popular levels - January 2019

Discussion in 'Notable Levels and Other Cards' started by Gepeto, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. Gepeto

    Gepeto MekoStudio Architect, French Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Jul 7, 2016
    January 2019
    Number of levels: 182

    Here are the first levels of this new year! Hope you'll enjoy. Congrats to @Chuckthulhu for this really huge score and great game!

    And don't forget that you can use the mekostudio website to do it on your own, whenever you want. (No that's not a commercial banner or kind of... everything is free anyway and you are not even the product because there's no ads :rolleyes:)

    So... here is the first part of the results:

    1A Human NumberChuckthulhu462164.88102922.3501/24/2019
    3Flexi BallLogo281134.6991520.1201/14/2019
    4Fulcrum HouseDon G Rowe261125.031719.6401/18/2019
    5make a bridgeCuahtla241104.951418.5701/26/2019
    6Red to Green v.1gmacpro35495.052718.3001/16/2019
    7Eyeball 2Logo238114.5571318.2401/11/2019
    8New houseJóh228104.751917.8501/27/2019
    9Magical Friendgmacpro38285.062217.8101/18/2019
    10Trash Cannonzax200225385.06917.8101/06/2019
    11Rusty roofBlock builder30785.051117.6101/04/2019
    12Round Robingmacpro31175.082017.4501/28/2019
    13Dry FeetSun In Heart102985.033517.2101/09/2019
    14Winter MillPvB40084.7562516.9801/30/2019
    15Balls of Castle 2Master Author21494.566916.9801/12/2019
    16PathfinderTadashi Suzuki22394.7821116.9401/13/2019
    17Variable pathhuijiuggbf31475.052116.8501/29/2019
    18Honey IslandJóh20784.883916.8101/12/2019
    19Brick TrickJorz27275.031816.4501/23/2019
    20Town hallŹàiď21584.7531416.3801/19/2019
    21Win Six Highgmacpro20984.6341516.1801/25/2019
    22The blind IIŹàiď15874.863916.0101/27/2019
    23Jump wellCuahtla38884.532915.5501/24/2019
    24Spider BotDon G Rowe18474.713915.5301/19/2019
    25Fun Time lllFrince229104.141615.5001/28/2019
    26Rolling stones 2huijiuggbf28764.8351615.4901/23/2019
    27Useful SliderDon G Rowe17874.575915.4901/12/2019
    28Small Isle v.1gmacpro16665.021215.4001/19/2019
    29Timing SucksJorz22484.3841415.3501/21/2019
    30Eighteen MovesMaster Author11284.52815.3501/27/2019
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  2. Gepeto

    Gepeto MekoStudio Architect, French Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Jul 7, 2016
    Then the second part:

    31Over Crowdedgmacpro17264.8331415.0901/17/2019
    32Slide aroundJom21174.5731415.0901/12/2019
    33Copper TownDon G Rowe20555.05915.0401/26/2019
    34A Risky Ballgmacpro29455.041614.8401/04/2019
    35Push Me OutJorz14755.04714.8401/22/2019
    36RetroTadashi Suzuki16955.031314.6401/31/2019
    37Squeeze itgmacpro19564.541114.3001/13/2019
    38Short TricksMaster Author16164.54714.3001/11/2019
    39The blindŹàiď20154.84814.2801/13/2019
    40Wizard's CastleJom24554.832014.0801/24/2019
    41Hidden Places 01lichtfuerlau24154.831414.0801/21/2019
    42Triple TwinChasano22219464.521513.9001/18/2019
    43A free blockhuijiuggbf28654.821813.8801/25/2019
    44Keep Feet Drygmacpro20954.821213.8801/07/2019
    45The Trick VIIMaster Author17964.51713.7001/04/2019
    46Cancel Tapgmacpro19554.811513.6801/20/2019
    47Nine Levelsgmacpro17045.03613.5201/11/2019
    48SWEET JOURNEY VFrince12545.03713.5201/17/2019
    49Have a Plangmacpro17745.02813.3201/18/2019
    50Swamp of SwapChasano22227854.621313.3101/11/2019
    51Toggle Ballgmacpro16554.621213.3101/21/2019
    52Team Triogmacpro16445.011013.1201/26/2019
    53Ball ControlDon G Rowe16864.173713.1101/20/2019
    54Time Machine part 2MScript15574.02913.0801/28/2019
    55Held Upgmacpro16644.7541313.0801/22/2019
    56Zapper Helpergmacpro12344.753612.8801/23/2019
    57Turret TasksDon G Rowe15744.56612.8301/13/2019
    58Z Klv 8Fendi Rahardian14154.42712.7501/19/2019
    59Useful PasserBygmacpro21144.7521212.6801/01/2019
    60BeastBlock builder25164.031212.6001/17/2019
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  3. Gepeto

    Gepeto MekoStudio Architect, French Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Jul 7, 2016
    And the third part:

    61Fro and To AgainBlack122621464.031412.6001/12/2019
    62Quick to Slowgmacpro17635.04512.4101/29/2019
    634 SwivelDon G Rowe15864.021012.4001/25/2019
    64The Red IslandMaster Author15364.02712.4001/06/2019
    653 Unique Ballsgmacpro17335.031012.2101/31/2019
    66Gap Between v.1gmacpro13435.03612.2101/16/2019
    67Head Rider 4KidsMaster Author15664.01612.2001/25/2019
    70FUN TIME IIFrince22644.521712.0301/22/2019
    71Trio escapeŹàiď31635.021512.0101/05/2019
    72The Hubgmacpro18435.02712.0101/14/2019
    73Between the Eyesgmacpro23834.6751011.8401/10/2019
    74Slider House 5Don G Rowe19944.51611.8301/02/2019
    75Heading for HomeJom19535.01811.8101/04/2019
    76Shortii 2Frince18554.02711.6301/07/2019
    77Z-Small WorldMaster Author12754.02611.6301/21/2019
    78Dunk ShotLogo15244.06511.5401/10/2019
    79Weighted Squatsgmacpro19734.673711.4401/09/2019
    80secuenciaJuan Carlos15054.01511.4301/25/2019
    81The EyewallQWERTZUIOPU012163.672611.4101/24/2019
    82BobberFendi Rahardian11144.252411.3901/24/2019
    83Not So Simplegmacpro22934.672911.2401/08/2019
    84Tier upon tierhuijiuggbf15134.672711.2401/27/2019
    85Zexo CroftSavage11434.672411.2401/23/2019
    86Time Machine part 1MScript16263.6711011.2101/28/2019
    87Herding Zsgmacpro19844.2511011.1901/06/2019
    88TITANJuan Carlos12844.251811.1901/22/2019
    89FUN TIMEFrince20434.6711211.0401/20/2019
    91Narrow WorldMike_CN14034.671711.0401/03/2019
    92Shortii 3 v.1Frince19444.031110.9401/09/2019
    93Zap's Place 3Master Author12744.03510.9401/15/2019
    94Cliff ShockEnrico Giovano10753.81510.8701/01/2019
    95Locked BoxKayan14734.670710.8401/27/2019
    96Manual ZappersMaster Author14953.63510.7101/09/2019
    97Weird WalksMaster Author14153.80610.6701/10/2019
    98AscentDon G Rowe13253.801110.6701/17/2019
    99Shortii IVFrince15434.333410.6501/15/2019
    100Garden MazeEnrico Giovano11244.01410.5401/01/2019

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